Wardrobe by Dulcinea is a brand that celebrates the uniqueness of every bride. We make everything from scratch to every bride to be measurements, we customise certain details by request - such as necklines, trains, add or remove layers. And most importantly, we hand dye the majority of the fabrics we use, and that means not only can we offer the colour of every bride's dream, but we can also do ombre or various other stunning effects on our dresses.We specialize in bridal separates and capsule collections, where everything can be mixed and matched.

As we are making all our designs from scratch each time, for every customer, given the measurements provided! We hand dye the tulle, the lace, and sometimes natural silk to create a perfectly matching waistband, and we can offer a nearly unlimited variety of unique bridal colors. We are happy to modify certain details in our designs as well, such as adding or elongating the sleeves, different neckline, different train length, and more.

We have only one size, and it's yours! #madetomeasure #customeasured #handmade
This is a clothing brand for real girls and we're not letting the general issues of sizing "your waist and hips must be this and that for it to fit" get in a way of everyone wearing what they like!

It's the clothes that need to fit YOU, and not the other way around.