Airfield Estate

Your dream Wedding at Airfield Estate

Airfield Estate is about blue skies, broad horizons, about the different, the unusual. We have a history that informs our approach. Yet we are far from stuffy. We don’t really do stuffy. (We don’t always have blue skies either, but unfortunately, we can’t control the weather!)

What we do is engage, look for the possible and seek out how we might work together to deliver your dream wedding day, drawing on our unique environment and on the enormous enthusiasm we possess as a team. We have a ‘One Wedding a Day Policy‘, making your wedding the once in a life time event you always dreamed of.

Enjoy a drinks reception with delicious canapés in the Overend Family home – Airfield House followed by dinner in Overends restaurant, a beautiful, bright contemporary space. Airfield’s food ethos of sustainable, seasonal, local, zero waste food production, means that our kitchen works closely with Airfield’s farm and gardens to deliver an authentic ‘farm to fork/nose to tail’  food experience that is second to none.