Petal & Twine

Gabi Kmitas is the creative director at Petal&Twine. Gabi is a Fine Art Wedding Stylist in Ireland and available worldwide. Petal&Twine is a boutique studio that provides art direction and styling services known for their romantic and thoughtful design aesthetic inspired by fine art, poetry, and nature. We look for the beauty in the world around us. For us, fashioning visions into tactile reality is what inspires us. We offer our skills and services by designing the most exquisite weddings or boutique elopements. Each wedding is designed and crafted to cultivate a unique experience that reflects an individual style and personality. We take pride in creating opulent weddings. Our team is driven by irresistible enthusiasm and artistic nature, pushing the boundaries of the creative mind. We oversee all the visual aspects and curate the overall flow leaving you to enjoy a wonderful experience.