Wedding 1 - Didsbury, UK | Photo by Jonny Draper

Lisa and Alex wanted to get married on the side of a hill, but the rules on where and how you could legally get married in their home country of the UK meant that wasn't possible, which is where their journey to 71 weddings around the globe started.

They met in 2000 but were just friends until they got together eight years later in 2008. They are both from Hull, but were living in Manchester. "As soon as we got together we knew we wanted to travel. We started to save straight away and put Alex’s business and our home up for sale! It took longer than we expected to sell the business but after 3 years it finally went. We opened our home and sold all of our belongings including furniture, clothes and shoes and all of our beloved kitchen equipment!" remembers Lisa.

Wedding 2 - Quebec, Canada | Photo by 2people1life


Wedding 3 - Upper Peninsula, Michigan | Photo by 2people1life

Wedding 4 - Banff, Canada | Photo by 2people1lifen

Over a couple of bottles of wine, they decided they would travel and have a wedding ceremony everywhere they went - a mere three weeks before they left England. "Of course our friends and family thought we were more than a little crazy but once we explained the idea, they loved it…as long as we didn’t get legally married by accident!"

Wedding 5 - Nanaimo, Vancouver Island | Photo by 2people1lifen


Wedding 6 - YVR Vancouver Airport wedding | Photo by 2people1lifen


Wedding 7 - Big Island, Hawaii | Photo by Julia Bach


Wedding 8 - Seattle, Washington | Photo by Jonas Seaman






Wedding 9 - WeHo, LA | Photo by Brothers Wright


Wedding 10 - Las Vegas | Photo by Megan Finley

They didn't want cookie cutter weddings across the globe - they wanted each ceremony to honour that place's traditions and customs. "All of the weddings are special for very different reasons, some for the location, some are quirky and really different, all of them open our eyes to cultures we have never experienced and they all involve meeting some really great people without whom this trip would not be possible," says Lisa.

Their first wedding was close to home in their village of Didsbury. "With the help of 25 local all started by accident really and became something was a complete surprise to me and it happened the day before we flew to Canada to start our adventure!" says Lisa.

Wedding 11 - Pamuul, Mexico | Photo by Dean Sanderson




Wedding 12 - Punta Gorda, Belize | Photo by Conch Creative


Wedding 13 - Utila, Honduras | Photo by 2people1life


Wedding 14 - Antigua, Guatemala | Photo by Jose Pablo Martinez


Wedding 15 - El Cuco, El Salvador | Photo by 2people1life


Wedding 16 - San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua | Photo by 2people1life


Wedding 17 - Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica | Photo by Kevin Heslin


Wedding 18 - Embera, Panama | Photo by 2people1life


Wedding 19 - Vila de Leyva, Colombia | Photo by Cristina Restrepo


Wedding 20 - Quito, Ecuador | Photo by Pablo Hidalgo 

"As we travel we make very few plans, we have a vague route around the globe which started in Canada. We travelled east to west Canada, to Hawaii, down the west coast of America into Mexico, covered the whole of Central America and through South America. We flew to South Africa and Kenya for a few months and we returned to England where we visited Scotland, Wales and Ireland and then we drove to North Africa," she says.

Wedding 21 - Paracas, Peru | Photo by Luis Chiang Chang Way 


Wedding 22 - Horcon, Chile | Photo by Gardner Hamilton


Wedding 23 - San Telmo, Argentina | Photo by Emiliano Rodriguez 


Wedding 24 - Ouro Preto, Brazil | Photo by Vinicius Matos


Wedding 25 - Denver, Colorado | Photo by Catherine Rhodes Photography


Wedding 26 - New York City | Photo by Donna Newman for Martha Stewart weddings


Wedding 27 - Fayetteville, Texas | Photo by Morgan Lynn and Amir Razi


Wedding 28 - New Orleans, Louisiana | Photo by Imagine Photo AZ 


Wedding 29-33. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina | Photo by August Michael Photography


Wedding 30 - MB Candyland | Photo by August Michael Photography

They don't have a favourite of their 71 wedding ceremonies, per se. "It is difficult to choose a favourite so far; but; we loved the Andean ceremony in Peru for its intensity. The smells, sounds, commitments and offerings in the ceremony are all so special and make the whole occasion very touching, emotional and spiritual! We have never felt anything like it before! We also fell in love with Colorado, Denver. The wedding there was perfect. Surrounded by the great outdoors, stunning scenery and the simple pleasures that we adore. Good food, wine and of course great company! Our Scottish wedding was up there too. With Alex's family originating from Campbeltown we felt an amazing connection with the area. The piper and fiddler just made our day and the Mid Argyll pipe band was just incredible. We had a perfect day despite the arctic conditions and 6 foot snow drifts! The Irish wedding is my current favourite but it does change regularly," says Lisa.

Wedding 31 - MB Bond | Photo by August Michael Photography


Wedding  33 - MB Flashmob | Photo by August Michael Photography


Wedding  34 - Exumas, Bahamas | Photo by Iba Bahamas


Wedding 35 - Khayelitsha, Cape Town, South Africa | Photo by Kristina Stolijikovic 


Wedding 36 - Eastern Cape, South Africa | Photo by Andrew Elliott


Wedding 37 - Port Alfred, South Africa | Photo by Andrew Elliott


Wedding 38 - Durban, Qwa Zulu Natal, South-Africa | Photo by Derryn Semple Photography


Wedding 39 - Mull of Kintyre, Scotland | Photo by Crear Weddings


Wedding 40 - Carmarthenshire, Wales | Photo by Nicola Ferguson

They originally planned to travel for two years, in their campervan 'Peggy', but the trip has since turned into a five year adventure, but they've kept to a very tight budget throughout. "The budget is very tight and especially as we have now extended our journey to 4+ years instead of two but we are managing. We did set a weekly budget as we started our journey but as we travel through countries the cost of living varies so greatly so we tend to try to keep our spending to a bare minimum. Our biggest cost is fuel as you can imagine but as we have the camper we do not have accommodation costs as we wild camp most of the time, we can cook in the van so do a weekly shop at local markets therefore reducing our living costs and of course we could not even begin to afford to throw a wedding every other week if it was not for the generosity of the photographers, suppliers, families and people we meet on our journey. Everyone helps us for free or a minimal cost as they want to help us spread the love and to be a part of our adventure!"

Wedding 41 - Doonbeg, Ireland | Photo by Sean and Kate


Wedding 42 - Inflight wedding, Air Tahiti Nui | Photo by Photography by Catherine


Wedding 43 - Moorea, Tahiti | Photo by Photography by Catherine


Wedding 44 - Bora Bora, Tahiti | Photo by Photography by Catherine


Wedding 45 - Marrakech, Morrocco | Photo by Bohemian Weddings


Wedding 47 - Lisbon, Portugal | Photo by Centr Imagem


Wedding 48 - Valencia, Spain | Photo by Susana Barbera


Wedding 49 - Aux De Provence, France | Photo by Ben Aurore Photos


Wedding 50 - Landshut, Germany | Photo by Joben Studios

What's been the effect of the whole trip on their relationship? Well, they're even more in love than when they started, according to Lisa. "We are together 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and live in a 6 feet by 16 feet space. We arrange weddings, share the driving, and split the blog workload. We take it turns to make each other breakfast in bed every day. If there is anything that makes a couple know they are meant to be together it is surviving this trip without a single argument. We still get nervous before every single ceremony!" Aww!

See the rest of their weddings below!

Wedding 51 - Prague, Czech Republic | Photo by Irina Kulikova


Wedding 52 - Budapest, Hungary | Photo by


Wedding 53 - Varga Tanya, Hungary | Photo by


Wedding 54 - Kaunas, Lithuania | Photo by


Wedding 55 - Cluj Napoca, Romania | Photo by Aliadee


Wedding 56 - St Johan, Austria | Photo by Stefano Lunardi


Wedding 57 - Lugano, Switzerland | Photo by Milo Zanecchia


Wedding 58 - Rome, Italy | Photo by We Are The Planners


Wedding 59 - Puglia, Italy | Photo by


Wedding 60 - Krk, Croatia | Photo by Mudrovcic Weddings


Wedding 61 - Prijedor, Bosnia Herzegovina | Photo by Milan Cuk


Wedding 62 - Corfu, Greece | Photo by Photo Pek


Wedding 63 - Gocek, Turkey | Photo by D&R Troost Photography


Wedding 64 - Erbil, Iraq | Photo by Afookitech


Wedding 65 - Tbilisi, Georgia | Photo by NStudio


Wedding 66 - Karachi, Pakistan | Photo by Oshoot Photography


Wedding 67 - Queenstown, New Zealand | Photo by Emily Adamson Photography


Wedding 68 - Brisbane, Australia | Photo by Shane Shepaerd


Wedding 69 - Penang, Malaysia | Photo by Blue Cicada Photography


Wedding 70 - Petra, Jordan | Photo by Lottie Elizabeth


Wedding 71 - Vietnam | Photo by Vietnam Beach Weddings


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