On a Christmas trip back home, Luke and Sarah became engaged and, straight away, started into vision boards - using Confetti Mag as inspo, no less! Their engagement was to be two years long, but living in Western Australia at the time, this meant lots of time to arrange a wedding back home in Ireland. “Using things like Pinterest helped Luke and I get a clear picture of our theme and the little personal touches we wanted to include on the day,” remembers Sarah. Planning a wedding in a whole different country comes with its own unique challenges, but with the help of Tee Corkish, from Pairs & Peaches, the couple had everything in hand and organised. “Given that we were planning our wedding from a distance, all her suggestions for celebrants, music, hair and makeup pointed us in the right direction.”

Thanks to lots of help and support from Tee, family and friends, when Sarah and Luke arrived home with two weeks to go until their big day, all of the plans were in place for them. Their ceremony, they told us, was their stand-out moment of the day. “Marrying each other and having our parents, closest friends and family around us was the happiest and most content feeling in the world. We enjoyed every second of the ceremony and didn't want it to end. The ceremony room in Ballybeg House was intimate and cosy and was exactly how we pictured our ceremony to be. We gave each bridesmaid and groomsman a task during the ceremony which worked really well, so they each had a special part to play.”

Their advice to brides and grooms currently in the lead up to their own day is to accept those generous offers of help. “Wedding planning can be overwhelming at times, as you most likely have not planned a wedding before, so our advice would be to let the people around you help you. Your family and friends are so excited to be part of your special day, including the planning and organising so let them help you to ease the pressure."


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