We have heard some seriously ridiculous guest requests in our time - everything from plus one assumptions to permission to wear white requests …Yep, really. We asked you to tell us some of the weirdest requests you’ve received, and here’s the top 10 weirdest wedding guest requests from your submissions!

“I invited my 19 year old cousin without a plus one, purely as the rest of the older siblings were coming and I didn’t want to leave him out. But he invited his new girlfriend of two months - I’ve never even met her! There will be other members of his family at his table - it’s not as if he’d be on his own. So cheeky!” – Kelly, Tullamore

“I had a guest at my wedding ask if they could swap tables, as they were too close to the door. I just laughed it off as I thought they were joking… They weren’t.” – Joanne, Castlebar

“My in-laws decided to take it upon themselves to forward our digital save-the-date to their friends. So now, I have to pick up the pieces and either tell them they’re not invited, or make room for them – not ideal!” – Rebecca, Dungarvan

“I got married last year, and one of our guests expressed their disappointment at the fact that we didn’t have a free bar. I was so stunned that I didn’t really know what to say. It’s not that uncommon to have a cash bar, so I just couldn’t get my head around the neck of them!” – Mark, Co. Galway

“A friend asked if I could rethink having a destination wedding as she had kids and travelling would be difficult for her. When I told her no, she got really defensive and told me I was being selfish.” – Lorna, Artane

“I have millions of cousins, so I only invited a couple that I’m very close with. One has a small baby, and she asked if it was okay to bring her - I said yes, even though we’re not strictly having kids at our wedding. A few weeks later, she informed me (not asked) that her Mam was also coming as she’d need someone to mind the baby. But now I’m trying to get my head around why her Mam just can’t mind the baby at home?!” – Marilyn, Wexford

“We got married in January and during the evening reception, a colleague of mine (who was pretty drunk), came up to me and complained that our speeches were too long and boring. I took into account the fact that she was drunk, but still, how rude?! We’ve never mentioned it since, but I haven’t forgotten. – Sue, Howth

“I had a guest who couldn’t understand why her kids (who are 12 and 14), weren’t invited. I told her simply that there were no kids allowed, but she point-blank refused to attend. Fine by me!” – Joanne, Omagh

“My aunt asked if I was having a themed wedding, to which I replied no – we just wanted people to come and have fun. She spent the next two months telling everyone that we were having a formal black tie wedding – first I’d heard of it! She actually said ‘you’re welcome’ on my wedding day, and was dead pleased with herself, despite having put people through the bother of renting floor-length gowns and tuxes – I was livid!” Anita, Killarney

“My mother-in-law sent me a text two days before the wedding, asking if she could get three more invites WITH plus ones! I literally thought she was joking, as that’s six more people I hadn’t accounted for. She was politely told NO – thankfully my hubby got landed with that awkward job.” – Kelly, Firhouse


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