Wedding styling can be a bit of a minefield, never mind when it comes to styling your own wedding. You've seen the Pinterest boards of picture-perfect weddings but how do you make it happen IRL? Fear not, I'm here to talk practical wedding styling tips that will help.

Getting started

First thing’s first, you need to establish your wedding style. Do you want a lavish black-tie affair? Or, are you more of a simplistic elegance or rustic barn kinda gal? Once you know what kind of wedding you’re after, you can start gathering bits and pieces to fit your vision. To ease the pressure, we’ve broken things down into some key wedding styling tips and even sought the advice of experts. Read on to get styling up a storm…

Odd Numbers

It’s time to forget everything you know – group things in odd numbers, not even. For example, group three items in your centrepiece arrangement instead of two or four. The reason for this is odd numbers create more intrigue and look more visually interesting. Your display will resonate with your guests more and force them to take it all in, rather than dismissing it.

Lighting is Key

An extremely important factor in wedding styling is light, and plenty of it. Lighting will dictate where you place certain things such as your wedding cake. If your wedding cake is in a dark corner of your reception room, once photographed, you’ll notice a yellow hue. Whereas, if your cake is placed in natural sunlight, there will be no fear of dodgy-looking icing.

wedding styling Image via Bellinter House shoot by Niamh Smith


Not everything has to match – make sure you’re introducing some contrast into your wedding theme. You’ll want to make certain things stand out and pop so if, for example, you’re having an awesome backdrop, opt for some colour in it or make sure it doesn’t fade into the background. That cool, grey moon gate backdrop will be lost against a white or cream wall.

Pyramid Principle

Now that you’ve got your group of three items, stagger their height. This is known as the pyramid principle. Place the tallest item behind – this will grab your guests’ eye first and their eyes will then naturally move to the smaller items. It’s similar to the odd number rule in that it will force your guests to take in the whole arrangement, rather than just glancing it for a second or two.

Focal Point

Similar to the pyramid principle, you want something to grab your guests’ attention as soon as they walk into the room – enter, a focal point. How about some stunning hanging florals above the top table? Or, if you want to get really creative, we suggest a cool selfie station somewhere in the room. Not only will this peak your family and friends’ interests, but it’ll make for great craic on the night. Pair this with a fun and creative hashtag and it’s a match made in Instagram heaven.

Get Creative

Think outside the box when it comes to your décor. Don’t just opt for the usual floral centrepieces just because it’s the ‘done’ thing. If that’s not your bag, there’s a whole world of props and bits you can use instead. Some of our favourite weddings are where the couple throw out tradition and get creative. Want to fashion a table plan from a cool, old sash window? Go for it, we say!


This is an easy one and will make sure your theme is cohesive and that everything ties in nicely. Use common sense here; if you’re putting candles on one table, put them on all of them. They don’t have to be all matchy-matchy and the same colour, as long as you have the same amount on each table, that will count as repetition. It will be more visually pleasing, trust us.

Points to Note:

  • Choose a colour palette that won’t date over time
  • Design a mood board
  • Make sure your theme and venue complement each other
  • Don’t take on too much – gather the troops and delegate
  • Think of your place settings and stationery as potential flatlays – the Instas the next day will be worth it
  • Add personal touches – place names, monogramming favours etc.

A word from the experts:

Styling extraordinaire, Lesiele Juliet has offered some words of wisdom on styling your own wedding. “An easy way to choose a colour palette or theme is looking at colours that sit together on the colour wheel. This is called an analogue colour combination. Really successful analogue combinations are the likes of blush pink and raspberry red, teal green, and blue, etc. Also, when looking for your wedding gown, think about your all-time favourite dress that makes you feel amazing whenever you wear it. Take it with you when you go dress shopping. Also, think about what suits you and what you feel good in – it’s important when deciding or eliminating different styles.” @lesielejulietstylist

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