Plenty of factors are important when choosing a wedding venue. Will it cater for the number of guests you plan on having, is the top one. Does it fit in with the style or theme of the wedding you're planning? Will it fit within your budget?

That's before you even get to the nitty gritty factors like your catering plans, accessibility, tables and chairs, and back-up plans in case the weather doesn't cooperate. However, we'd be lying if we didn't say that locations to take gorgeous wedding photos is also on the list. It might not be top of the list, but our more vain side definitely wants to have beautiful photos from the wedding to look back on, and in all the rushing around on the day, often the portraits of the couple before the reception kicks off, are some of the loveliest photos you take away.

With that in mind, we asked the wedding team at our Venue of the Month for November, the Stephen's Green Hibernian Club, to tell us about the top five locations in and around their venue that couples love, that ensure totally stunning wedding photos at the Club. Take it away, team!


The staircase in the main hall

The grand spiral staircase in the hallway is in existence since the early 18 century it has led lots of couples up to their wedding reception. Photographers love to get wedding pictures on the stairs because of the grand scale of the Baroque wall cartouches with the natural light flowing in from the Georgian windows. Christmas weddings also love to get their pictures with the 12-foot Christmas tree at the bottom of the stairs. The staircase is the perfect location for the couple’s first picture.


The Guest Room

Wedding couples love to get their pictures taken in the Guest room because it over looks St Stephen’s Green Park. The room also holds special memories for them because its where they have their first meal as a married couple with their friends and family. The wonderful figurative ceiling in the Guest room created by the La Franchini’s brothers is a wonderful backdrop and gives a great old-world elegance to the pictures.

Photos of the small details such as the table décor and favours can be captured in the Guest room, these pictures can hold sweet memories for years to come.

The Georgian Entrance

Through the large blue Georgian door to the eccentric reception. This space offers inspiration for a quirky wedding photo opportunity with stag heads and mirrors as the back drop. Natural light flows in from the sky light ceiling providing the perfect photo opportunity.


The Victorian windows - The Card Room

The Card room has beautiful original Victorian windows which provide a great silhouette backdrop for a couple photo shoot. Its rare to get such a great location for a silhouette with the perfect light. Wedding couples love to get lots of contrasting photos in one location. The silhouette provides and element of mystery to the picture.


The Glass dome in the Card room

The Card room has a wonderful domed ceiling that offers a great perspective for photographers to take photos of the couple during the ceremony along with family and friends. Pictures in the Card room take you back to a forgotten era of lavish grandeur.


For more information about Stephen's Green Hibernian Club, visit their Confetti Recommended Supplier Listing