Wedding photograph styling isn't necessarily something we all think of. However, by simply arranging a few flatlays and nice setups, you can transform your wedding pics. After all, when the last bit of Champagne has been popped and all is said and done, your photos (and your awesome new hubby or wife) are all you'll have left of the wedding.

Suite Pics

You’ve put a lot of effort and time into getting your invitations just right, so make sure you keep a copy of the full suite for yourself. A lovely idea is to have your photographer (or indeed, yourself) create a flatlay of the suite, adding in some flowers or part of your veil, to photograph on the morning of the wedding. It’ll make for a nice keepsake for years to come.

Ring, Ring

We’ve seen various versions of the ‘wedding ring shot’, but if you want to make it look more professionally styled, get yourself a gorge ring box to photograph. The one your ring originally came in is probably just a generic black box, but there are so many more fab options out there. A quick Google will tell you that there are pretty pastel-coloured boxes, acrylic ones and one of our faves, the Sweetbee Box (from, which is a beautiful velvet ring box in either blush pink, powder blue or cool grey.

Light Just Right

Always consider the lighting, when placing key items in your ceremony or reception venue. Your photographer can only do so much if the lighting isn’t adequate. For instance, if you place your wedding cake in a dark, dull corner of your reception venue, it won’t photograph well. Cakes should be out of direct sunlight but in a bright enough spot that all those lovely details can be picked up perfectly on camera. Be sure to pay a visit to your venue in daylight so you can pinpoint exactly where you want to place items on the day.

Flower Power

Ask your photographer to take some gorgeous shots of your flowers, either you holding them down by your side or perched prettily on a nice chair. Your florist has created a work of art, so it’ll be nice to have some gorge, close-up pics of the arrangement, before you fling it at your mates, later.

Dress is More

Let’s talk that all-important dress shot. There’s nothing worse than seeing a beautiful shot of your wedding dress hanging up an old, wire hanger – yikes. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but just make sure yours and your bridesmaids’ hangers all look smart and uniform. For a simple DIY, paint some wooden hangers and write everyone’s name on them - cute!

Clean Freak

If you’re getting ready at home, make sure your house is in pristine condition - you'll thank yourself later. We recommend, if  budget allows, hiring a professional cleaning service to make sure the place is sparkling. The last thing you'll want to spend your time doing, the days before the wedding, is mopping and scrubbing. But imagine getting your wedding photos back, only to spot the washing on the clotheshorse in the background or dirty dishes in the sink – you’d be raging.

The Deets

Don’t forget to have your photographer get some shots of your wedding accessories, particularly if they’re either heirloom pieces or your ‘something borrowed’. Ask your photographer to do some ‘beauty shots’, i.e. close-ups of your pretty hairpiece or your Mum’s earrings. Alternatively, you could place them on a pretty trinket dish or why not pop them into your stationery flatlay?

Take it Easy

With those bases covered, now all you need to do is relax and enjoy it. Your wedding photographer is a professional, so all you really need to do is sit back and enjoy yourself. By all means, you can help them create beautiful photos by taking our tips on board, but on the day itself, try not to micromanage what they're doing, trust them to do their job and have fun!

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