So you’ve sent your invitations and are now excitedly awaiting the influx of positive responses. So, eh, where are they? A number of super organised guests will reply almost straight away, but they may be in the minority. Give yourself the best chance with these handy tips...


Image: Wedding invitation suite by SaveTheDate

Step one: Keep it simple

Include a self-addressed envelope for your RSVP card, making it easier for guests to fill it out and send it back right away, before it gets lost in that ‘drawer of shame’ we all have in our kitchens. Make sure the deadline date is clearly printed on the card, so your guests are well aware of the cut-off point.


Image: Wedding invitation suite by Le Ninette

Step two: Gentle reminder

If it’s getting increasingly close to the cut-off point, it’s totally acceptable to give remaining guests a gentle nudge. Depending on how well you know them, send them a quick text or email to remind them to RSVP, as you need to know final numbers for your reception. If it’s a friend of your parents or an older relative, let your folks do the leg-work for you. They probably know them better, and you haven’t got all day to be chasing guests. Delegation is key, especially so close to the wedding.


Image: Wedding invitation suite by Eleven Note

Step three: Final push

If the wedding is a fortnight away and you’re still waiting to hear back from someone, it’s time to up your game. Make a list of everyone you’ve yet to hear back from and pick up the phone. They’re likely to let you know right away if they’re attending or not, having simply forgotten to respond. Don’t get mad – we’ve all been that soldier.

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