Planning your wedding guest list can be one of the most stressful wedding tasks - besides the fact that your friends and family add to up to a hefty number and fast, you've got to decide whether to invite every distant cousin in the land to keep your mam happy, and settle the great plus one debate to boot. Even once you settle what you think is your final guest list, that's not the end of your problems. Here are six types of wedding guest to be prepared for - they're all from real wedding stories, so despite how cheeky most of them are, it does happen. Godspeed!


Mr Invites Himself

Someone who announces they’ve got their accommodation sorted (before you’ve even sent invites)


Ms Why Can’t Kids Come?

This person will endlessly bemoan the fact that you’re going kid-free, and will ask “but can MY little angel just go? She’s so good!”


Mr Parent’s Friend

If the parents pay up, fine. If not? You can say no. Giving up precious table space to friends of your folks might jeopardise a spot for a close mate of yours.


Ms Indecisive

“I’ll definitely be there!” six months out turns into “gosh, I’m not 100%...” a fortnight away, and then “sorrrrry…” the day before (or the day of!).


Mr Fussy

He needs a south-facing double room, he’s gluten intolerant and can only sit on a sturdy chair. Oh and he’d have done EVERYTHING you did differently.


Ms Turns Up Uninvited

There’s always one. Someone who rocks up on the day in spite of their RSVP saying they couldn’t make it. They think it’ll be a lovely surprise. It’s not.


Mr Can I Have a Plus One?

He’s seeing someone a wet Wednesday and thinks they should be invited, despite you never having met them. Eh, no.


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