How much do wedding flowers cost? We did some digging on what you can expect to pay for wedding flowers in Ireland

wedding flowers price guide cost floral hoops Image: Katie Farrell

Many couples are shocked when they get their first wedding quotes, and particularly when it comes to wedding flowers. "But it's just a bouquet?!' we hear you cry. But there's a little (or a lot) more to it than that.

This year's wedding survey revealed the average couple spent €726.80 (to be precise) on their wedding flowers. Now, take that with a pinch of salt, as it's an average - some of those couples will have flower arches, moongates, flower crowns for the wedding party, and elaborate floral centrepieces just to start, and other couples will have just bought single stems to try to DIY their wedding flowers.

So, how much do wedding flowers cost? Let's look at some of the most common areas people spend on.


The average price of wedding flowers: your ultimate guide

While you might be thinking of your wedding flowers as being 'just a few bouquets', when you start writing down the list of the flowers you might want or need for the day, it becomes quite a sizeable number of blooms. The price of wedding flowers obviously varies depending on the number of flowers you want, how many varieties of flowers you want, and what those varieties are. Finally, there's a matter of the flowers that are in season, and those that are a harder to get in your season, and therefore, much more expensive.

Here's a rough guide to what you can expect to pay on average for each kind of flowers:

Wedding party flowers

Bridal bouquet: €80-300

Bridesmaid bouquets: €60-250

Boutonnieres: €15-65

Corsages (for mams): €15-65

Flower crown/floral hair decoration: €65-200

Thank you bouquets (often given to mams): €40-60

Decorative wedding flowers for the ceremony

Pew ends: €15-100

Altar arrangements: €75-500

Bride and groom chair back arrangements: €35-100

Unity candle arrangement: €75-200

Topiary tress: €100-300

Floral arch: €500-2500


Decorative wedding flowers for the reception

Table arrangements: €30-€120 per table

Table candleabras: €75-150

Cake flowers: €25-75

Flower wall: €500-5000

Bathroom arrangements: €15-100


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