Wedding dress cost can be a tricky thing. Before you get caught up in a sea of beautiful dresses, you might want to lock down that budget first. It's very easy to fall into the trap of trying on loads of beautiful dresses, blissfully unaware of the price tags. You don't want to find 'the one', only to discover it's way out of your price range. Not on our watch, folks!

Now for those all-important figures. How much should you actually be spending on your wedding dress in Ireland? Well, in 2018, Irish brides spent an average of €1,873 on their dresses. That's an increase of €77 on last year's spend of €1,796. It seems that brides-to-be are willing to splurge a little more on their wedding dress cost. Although, in some cases, even with a budget in mind, if a bride finds their dream gown, they're more than likely willing to put the extra cost to it. Sometimes the dress does outweigh the budget.

wedding dress cost Image via Into the Light

So that's the gúna sorted, but don't forget to factor in accessories and alterations into your wedding dress cost. Last year, we found that Irish brides spend an average of €458 on their accessories, including shoes, veil, and jewellery. And on top of that, you'll more than likely need some sort of alterations, which could end up costing you an extra €500/€600. Something that a lot of brides tend to omit or forget about. Make sure you've included both in your dress budget. If you're looking for a better idea of how the alteration process in Ireland works, check out our guide here.

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