Wedding day two etiquette can be a bit of a minefield. How much is it going to cost? Can my venue facilitate a day two? Who do I invite? The list goes on, really. If you find yourself asking all of these questions, we've got you, girl.

Why have a day two?

In our honest opinions? Why have one wedding when you can have two! The second day of a wedding has now turned into quite the event. Your wedding day is going to be pretty hectic and although you may try to make it round to chat to everyone, it can be hard. So, your day two is a great chance to get to chat to guests you may have missed the night before. You'll feel so much more relaxed the next day and be able to let your hair down more.

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Who's invited?

In general wedding day two etiquette, we'd say your nearest and dearest get the nod to your day two – we'd advise you to invite your close friends and immediate family. This is also an opportunity to invite anyone close to you that couldn't make the actual wedding day. You may find you have guests who can't attend your wedding for whatever reason – kids, work, etc., so your day two shindig is the perfect chance to involve them in your wedding weekend.

Do you need to offer activities?

In short, yes, you do need to offer some sort of activity. We're not talking full itinerary if you don't want to, but something to keep your guests entertained. You could simply provide a bit of live music and a BBQ the next day if the weather's nice – who doesn't love a good outdoor session? However, if you want to go all out you could do a pizza party, adult sports day, or a boozy brunch – the possibilities are endless. You'll know your audience, so if you think your crowd may not be up for a full-blown treasure hunt or table quiz, we'd advise going with the gentle live music and BBQ option.

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Where do you host it?

Most venues now offer an option to host your second-day shindig on the grounds. When you're booking your wedding venue, check what your package includes and enquire about hosting a day two. It will definitely make your life easier if you can have the venue for the next day as well. If your venue does not include a day two option, and depending on what kind of day two you want, you could host it in someone's back garden, book a restaurant/pub or a separate venue.

How much is it going to cost?

The simple answer to this is it's going to cost as much as it costs. As mentioned above, you don't need to go all out on a day two if your budget won't stretch. You can keep it simple with a BBQ and ask people to bring their own booze to lower your costs. We do, however, recommend putting your day two into your overall wedding budget, that way you won't be met with any nasty surprise bills at the end.

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Is there a dress code?

Yes and no. In our opinion, it should be the casual side of dressy – it's still a party after all. But to be honest, people may (deffo will be) hungover, so there's no point in being too strict with a dress code unless where ever you're hosting it requires one.

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