After months and months of planning, you may think you have every detail of your wedding day down to a fine art, but there are a few things that only bridal hindsight makes clear. With that in mind, we thought we'd prepare you with seven truths about the wedding day that people don't often talk about.

1. Something WILL go wrong

Trust us, something is going to go wrong. We've heard enough real wedding stories from couples to know whether it's huge hiccups like the wedding car breaking down halfway to the church or a groom's trousers tearing on the morning to smaller issues like the wrong coloured peonies or a forgotten something blue, but something always goes wrong. So long as you haven't forgotten your all-important green folder from your intention to marry appointment, the wedding can still go ahead.

The chances are you won't notice or you won't care if you, but if you're getting stressed on the day about something that has gone wrong, think about the following things before losing your mind: can you solve it easily? Does it make a huge difference to the wedding, and particularly, to guests? Will your guests still be having fun? Answer those and then don't sweat it - all that matters is saying your vows, getting married, and having a ball.


2. Ten minutes before the ceremony is the most nerve-wrecking part

If your wedding is coming up soon, you might even be feeling a few nerves already, but that's totally normal and we promise, you've nothing to be nervous about! However, do expect those nerves to go into overdrive for the last ten minutes before the ceremony - it's not cold feet, it's just that you're about to walk into a room full of your loved ones, and all eyes will be on you. Just remember your other half is at the other end of that aisle (unless you've chosen to walk in together, of course!), and you're about to have a massive party to celebrate this life-changing decision. Don't give those nerves any more credit than they deserve - it's probably half excitement anyway!


3. But the ceremony is the best part

Couples often put the most thought into their reception, especially if they're having a religious ceremony which follows a more rigid structure and involves less input. This means that a lot of couples tell us that they hadn't really thought too much about the ceremony, but it ended up being their favourite part. The traditions, the vows, the emotion, all your friends and family beaming and crying in equal measure - it's all so, so special, and probably something you'll only do once. So take it all in and drink up those magic moments. You'll want those memories to last a lifetime!


4. Your face is going to hurt... from smiling so much

You'll be surprised how quickly your face gets tired from posing for those smiley group shots - another reason to keep them to a minimum, friends! - but actually, you'll probably be smiling all day long, just because you're having the best day ever. Sure, your face might tinge a little, but it's for all the best reasons! All going well, you won't have a single reason not to smile


5. Your dress will probably get dirty

Particularly if you're getting married outside or having your portraits taken in the grounds of your venue, there's a good chance grass and dirt are going to come into contact with your dress, and while in advance of the day, this might seem like the horror of all horrors, on the day itself, you won't notice and neither will your guests. Be careful if you have a long train to carry it when you're walking from point to point rather than dragging it along the ground, and you should minimise the damage. If you're not expecting to get at least a teeny bit dirty while wearing a white dress for 12+ hours, you might have to think a little more realistically about what the day's activities entail.



6. You'll probably be overwhelmed by your friends and family

When you're in the midst of cutting down your guestlist or sorting out your seating chart, most people are thinking of guests as more of a hassle than anything else. Family dramas, plus ones and the like can do your nut in, but on the day, you won't be thinking of any of that. In fact, you'll more than likely be overwhelmed by the wave of love coming your way from your friends and family. They all turned up for one reason - you two! - and you'll be the centre of attention for the day. Be prepared to be a little overcome by the love and support from your nearest and dearest!


7. Your favourite moment probably won't be what you expected

You probably have an idea of what you feel will be your favourite part of the day, but actually it often is something you never expected. You can't plan those candid moments or stolen minutes between the pair of you, something sweet your mam says as you get dressed, or an epic dance-off you never even imagined, and they can end up being the best bits. That's to say - don't put any pressure on any one moment to be the BEST part of the day - those moments will come organically, and they're the moments that will end up meaning the world to you.


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