Wedding day rain Image: Lucy Nuzum

Wedding day rain is possibly one of your biggest fears in the lead up to the big day. But when you're planning a wedding in Ireland, it's almost inevitable there be at least some rain.

You might get a gorgeous sunny day, but chances are you won't get away without at least a slight drizzle. However, if torrential downpours are the forecast for your wedding day, it's not the end of the world. In fact, it may end up being a good thing.

Yes, really!

No matter the weather, you're still marrying the love of your life and planning a lifetime together - that's what's important. But even if you don't get the sunny, dry day you're dreaming of, we've put together some of the upsides to wedding day rain.


1. Wedding day rain traditionally means good luck

It might not feel like it at the time, but wedding day rain is actually supposed to mean good luck, as it symbolises fertility, cleansing, and unity - a wet knot is notoriously hard to untie, so it makes sense, right? Whether you're superstitious or just optimistic, who couldn't use a little good luck on their wedding day?

Image: Anne Spires Photography

2. Wedding flowers last longer in the rain

A really hot day is a blessing and a curse in many different ways, but one people rarely think about is the fact that in warm weather, your beautiful flowers are only going to last so long. Flowers are less likely to wilt in cooler, rainy conditions so welcome those overcast skies, humidity and even maybe the odd shower. No wilted centrepieces 'round these parts!

Image: Kathy Silke Photography

3. Wedding day rain makes for unique and stunning wedding photos

It's easy to think wedding day rain will completely ruin your gorgeous couple portraits in the beautiful grounds of your venue, but actually you can get some of the most unique photos in the rain. Bright sunny weather is quite harsh for photos - what you actually want is some clouds for that gorgeous diffused light, and when you add in some rain, you get a stunning romantic mist and soft light. Most photographers much prefer cloudy days for shooting!

Grab yourself some clear umbrellas (strongly coloured umbrellas will cast a coloured shadow) and embrace the idea of getting out in that rain. Your photographers won't keep you out in it a second longer than they have to, but trust us, you will get some incredible photos if you lean into the idea.

Image: Melissa Jill Photography

4. Wedding day rain forces your wedding vendors to be on their A game

If your vendors know you're stressed about the weather, they know that stress will bleed out into other areas of the day - if the weather isn't playing ball, everything else needs to be on point. Your wedding vendors will be extra careful and will pay extra close attention to the details in order to not to add any further stress to the mix. Plus, you can be guaranteed, this isn't the first time your photographer and videographer will have encountered a rainy wedding in Ireland - they'll know exactly how to handle it!

Image: India Earl Photography

5. Wedding day rain often makes for a great story

Wedding day rain might feel like a DISASTER on the morning on the wedding, but trust us, down the line, it's a much more fun story to regale people of how there was biblical rain or a literal storm on the day of your wedding, versus the sun beaming down. It's waaay more interesting! Plus, you'll probably have some laughs along the way trying to deal with it, which will only add to the memories. We promise!

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