While you might envision your wedding morning as a time for sipping prosecco and hanging out with your bride tribe, it can actually be a little hectic, especially if you haven't put much thought into it. And there are a few things that surprise brides and bridesmaids alike every time, especially if this is the first wedding your squad have been involved in.

To demystify things a bit, and help make your wedding day hair and makeup run a little smoother, here are the big things that people don't expect about the wedding morning.


It's an early start

Be prepared for an early morning, even if the wedding ceremony isn't planned until 3/4pm. Of course it all depends on the size of the wedding party and the number of stylists hired, but you can expect both hair and makeup to take around 30-45 minutes per bridesmaid/mother, and from 60-90 minutes for the bride. Add it all up, and you'll need more than an hour or two to get ready between you. It sounds like a long time, but it'll fly - use the downtime when you're not being done to swill some champers, grab a bite and enjoy those last few hours before the ceremony.


There's an order to this

You might think the bride should go first as she's the most important, but actually most makeup artists and hair stylists will prefer to leave the bride until second last - as close to the end that they'll still have plenty of time to have her perfect without any rush, and she'll still be looking as fresh as possible. Many will aim to leave the mother of the bride (or the mother of the groom) until last as they can be rushed a little easier if it comes to it.

The maid of honour often goes just before the bride. But your own stylists will decide the order between them! If you're going first - don't panic as there will likely be time to do touch-ups if something goes astray along the way.

You might need to wash your hair the night before

Yes, even if you're the bride! Ask your hair stylist as they will know best depending on what kind of styles you're planning, but many will prefer if you and the bridesmaids wash your hair the night before. It saves time as four up-dos is a much quicker than four blowdrys and four up-dos, and when you have a string of people to get through, four surprise blowdries is just the thing to throw the whole timeline off.

Often, also, if you're planning to wear your hair in curls or waves, freshly washed hair can be too slick for the curls to keep, so the night before wash gives you a little extra natural grip and hold, which can be an even bigger factor. If you're just planning a blow dried style for yourself, the mams or your 'maids, obviously this won't be required. But double check with your stylist to be sure!

Wear button down pyjamas or a robe

Those getting ready robes aren't just a nice gift for your bride tribe, there's a practical element too. Button-down pyjamas or robes mean you don't have to pull them over your head and risk ruining your hair or makeup, you can just slip them off. Plus, they look cute in pics!

It goes without saying no one gets dressed until the end, unless for some reason whatever dresses people are wearing might interfere with your hair and makeup if you got dressed afterwards. But make sure you've got your photographers nearby if you plan on getting into your own dress early!

It can be surprisingly emotional

You may want to factor in a little time for touch-ups because you might be ambushed by a few tears throughout the morning. It's an emotionally charged situation, your nerves might be at you ahead of the ceremony, and your partner may have even sent in a card almost designed to set you off. Keep some tissues on hand and maybe opt for waterproof mascara from the get go. That goes for the mams and 'maids too!


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