You can call yourself a ‘bridechilla’ all you like, but let’s face it, everyone is bound to get a little overwhelmed and stressed in the run-up to their wedding. And, if you’re someone who struggles with anxiety on a regular basis, it’s especially easy to feel the pressure of wedding anxiety.

It’s all well and good for your friends and family to tell you ‘not to sweat the small stuff’ but when you’re in the height of it, it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. There are plenty of ways to deal with wedding anxiety and wedding nerves, so we’ve come up with a few that we hope will help.

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Hire People You Trust

First thing’s first, only hire vendors that you’re 100% comfortable with and ones you trust wholly. If there’s anything that can take some wedding anxiety away, it’s knowing that your photographer, videographer, planner, or stylist has everything under control. Book your suppliers from reviews, recommendations, and your own judgement. If they’re good at what they do, get glowing reviews and are a bit of craic, chances are, they’re the one.


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Stand Your Ground

Once you make a decision, don’t back down on it. A lot of the time wedding anxiety or stress can be caused by being indecisive and not really knowing what you want. You can end up overthinking a lot of elements and in turn, going around in circles. The quicker you make decisions on things, the less stress will be caused for you. You’ll be able to tick another thing off your list and plough on.

No Comparing!

This is a very important point. Please, please do not compare any elements of your wedding to one you’ve recently been to or seen online. Your wedding is just that…it’s yours. Pitting your dress, venue, cake, flowers, etc., against someone else’s is a meaningless activity. You’ll only end up stressing out even more that your bouquet isn’t as big as Laura Murphy’s from down the road. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. Just do you.

Ignore Negative Nellies

Everyone’s got an opinion, this much is true. However, that doesn’t mean we need to listen to each and every one of those opinions. If someone’s being really negative towards you and the wedding planning, just smile, nod and then hurl that nasty comment or advice out the window. You’ll avoid any drama or stressful situations by not getting into arguments over small, silly things. Big deal if Aunty Mary doesn’t really like your veil because guess what? She doesn’t have to wear it. Simple as!

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Take Planning Breaks

Don’t burn yourself out by trying to get everything done and dusted immediately. There are plenty of people who’ll tell you you have to book X, Y, and Z by such a time. Truth be told, as long as you have the big ones (venue, photographer, videographer, and band) booked at the beginning, everything else will fall into place. Take time out to yourself to relax and enjoy the planning process. You’re getting married, you want to savour every moment of the experience right from the beginning. Schedule in little date nights for just the two of you every so often to unwind and escape the madness. Even if it’s just a night in with a bottle of wine and a film, every little helps.

Delegate, delegate, delegate

We cannot stress this one enough, do not, we repeat, do not take on all of the planning yourself. You have a partner, bridal party, family and friends who are all willing and able to help at the drop of a hat, so let them. Be it making up wedding favours, addressing envelopes or picking up and dropping something off. If you can’t bear the thought of someone not doing a task quite right, give them strict instructions and let them get on with it. It’ll be one less thing for you to worry about.

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Good Vibes Only

Get plenty of rest the night before and then, on the morning of, whack on a playlist of feel-good tunes, and make sure you get something to eat and drink. Give your vendors a point of contact so you won’t have to deal with any logistics on the day. This is usually your maid of honour or best man. Leave plenty of time for hair and makeup so you won’t be rushing. Sit back and enjoy your day, stress-free.

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