UH OH! Things you should NEVER do as a bridesmaid

Bridesmaid duty - we all know it's not one of the easiest jobs, what with the planning, last minute DIY dashes and all of the organising. We recommend sticking to a rule system, as there are certain things you just never say or do. Follow these rules and you'll be one kick-ass bridesmaid.

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No complaining about the bride...

...even if she is being a bit of a melter. She is probably under a mountain of stress, so it's best to try and help her through it, instead of adding to it. Oh, and don't go throwing around the term 'bridezilla' just yet, unless of course, that is the case. Deep breaths, everyone!


Avoid the Champers before the ceremony

Try not to neck the drinks before the ceremony, you're still on duty, remember. Now, we're not saying you need to be a saint altogether, but just hold off until the reception at least. Once you're there, you have our full permission to go wild and dance on all of the tables. P.s. Don't blame us if that one goes wrong!

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Don't be late

This one's pretty important - being late for any fittings or appointments, will only most likely piss someone off. We know it's difficult enough to gather all the bridesmaids together at the same time, with everyone's busy schedules, but try your best. As long as they're not totally taking the Mick with the number of things you have to attend, you should be fine.

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No fighting with a fellow bridesmaid

This is a biggie, no fighting among ranks. No matter how much someone's getting on your nerves, this whole process is stressful enough without arguing amongst yourselves. You're on the same team, remember? Oh, and if all hell does break loose, do not tell the bride - we need a drama free zone, peeps!

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Learn to love your wedding outfit...

...even if you kinda hate it. We know that not everyone has the same taste, and there's every chance you'll end up with the most god-awful outfit, ever. But sure look, it's one day and if you don't have to pay for the dress, then that's a bonus. If you're really unhappy with the choices, suggest (in the nicest way possible) that maybe that dress won't suit all four bridesmaids, so perhaps you could have variations? This is sure to make for happy campers, all round.

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