Planning a mixed culture wedding may seem daunting but regardless of your religious or cultural backgrounds it is 100% possible to throw the celebration of dreams! There are stress-free ways to plan a mixed culture wedding that represents both of you equally. We're talking an amazing multi-cultural feast, music everyone can enjoy and the perfect ceremony attire. Below we've compiled a list of 10 easy peasy tips to follow to ensure you achieve the multi-cultural celebration both you and your guests will love!


1. Get inventive with your food

When choosing your menu for your multi-cultural shindig make sure to include traditional dishes from both backgrounds. This will give your guests the comfort of food they're familiar with while also allowing them to sample some new delicious cuisine. If your chosen venue can't allow you to change what they offer food-wise then consider hiring some food trucks or incorporating signature drinks instead.



2. Design beautiful, inclusive invitations

Designing your invitations is the perfect opportunity to mix both cultures together. As your wedding invitations should represent both you as a couple and set the tone for the day where better to create a fusion of cultures? Choosing traditional fonts, symbols or illustrations will capture the essence of the perfect mixed culture wedding.


3. Vows your chance

If you're hoping to recite your own vows at your ceremony then why not tell your partner you love them in their native language? It's a unique touch, personal to both of you and their guests will really appreciate it too. If the language is difficult then you can aim to include a phrase or two rather than the entire vow. Similarly, you can also recite your vows in your native language- the sweetest touch!



4. Let there be music

Each culture and religion has their own unique music style. Using music from both backgrounds is one of the easiest ways of fusing the two traditions together. There's a few ways to do this, the first being including songs from each culture in your ceremony. Just be sure to double check this is okay with your chosen ceremony location! Another option available to you is hiring vendors who specialise in cultural music- Mexican mariachi music or Irish traditional music for example. These vendors will keep your guests entertained throughout your reception while creating the perfect mixed culture wedding atmosphere- it's a win-win!


5. Consider taboo topics

When planning a mixed culture celebration it's always best to consider the dos and don'ts. Something that is perfectly acceptable in one culture can be a no-go in another. Sometimes this includes the tiniest details- even down to colours. Consult with your partner and decide between you what is best avoided during the ceremony, reception and pre/post wedding events.


6. Wear it well

Wearing traditional clothing can be a lovely way to bring in your unique background. We don't necessarily mean ditching the dress but wearing a small traditional symbol or heirloom can be a beautiful finishing touch to your wedding day look. If you're looking to include something from the other culture, research wedding day looks from your partner's background to see if there's anything you would like to wear on your day.



7. Consider your day's events

Would you and your partner consider designating your ceremony to one culture and the reception to another? Or even holding two ceremonies- one from each background. It can be lovely to fully immerse yourselves in one culture for each, especially if religion has a big part to play. If this isn't an option then it's easy to utilise pre and post wedding events too. The night before the wedding you could potentially host a welcome dinner and drinks for your guests but base it off one of your traditions. Consider all your options, we say!


8. Help 'em out

The key to creating the perfect mixed culture wedding is understanding. Adding traditions from each culture is a beautiful thing but your guests only following 50% of what's happening can be tough. Creating a ceremony booklet or a wedding day booklet for your guests will help them fully grasp how personal your day is. Explaining why you're including a specific song or ritual will lead to them feeling fully included in your day! What more could you ask for?


9. Décor delights

Wedding decor is designed to give your celebration a 'flow' and personal feel. Are there any décor bits you can include that represent your cultural backgrounds? We're sure there are! Whip up a storm with your décor to highlight the most beautiful bits from both of your cultures. Your guests will love it, you'll love it and it will be a sight for sore eyes!



10. Ask for advice

If you're struggling to decide on what to include and how- the best thing to do is to ask your friends and family for advice. They'll be able to point you in the right direction and pinpoint exactly what should and shouldn't be included. You never know- they might have a few ideas of their own that you may never have thought of!


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