Your wedding should, of course, be all about you and your partner. Sure there's usually some family politics to navigate, but ultimately, your big day should reflect who you are as a couple. Plus, you can't please everyone so you may as well please yourselves!

However, you probably want your friends and family to have as much of a ball as you plan on having at your wedding, so avoiding some of the more yawn-inducing moments, will help you on your way. Never-ending wedding speeches are notoriously top of the worst offenders list, but there are a few other things that will have most guests falling asleep. Here are the top three!


1. Slideshows

You might think it's a sweet idea to show a slideshow of photos or videos of you and your partner as you grew into your relationship. It's your wedding day, after all! Is there a better time to take a look back at your life together so far? Well, maybe when you're home alone together. People will usually be entertained by a slideshow for a minute or two, but after that they start to lose patience, no matter how much they love the two of you. Keep it short and sweet if you plan on doing it!


2. Loads of traditional dances

The first dance is a lovely moment for most couples and no one would suggest you drop it from your day unless you both hate the idea. However, some weddings include a whole list of traditional dances - the first dance, a father-daughter dance, a mother-son dance, grandparents dancing, a bridal party dance. By the time they're all done, the urge to dance has totally disappeared for everyone else. They've probably got one eye on the bar, waiting for the last traditional dance to be over before they make a beeline for it. If you love the tradition, think about combining a few of them, to avoid driving the rest of your guests far away from the dancefloor!


3. Poorly timed cake cutting

Don't wait until everyone is already up and dancing to pause proceedings to cut your cake! People are already enjoying themselves and it kills the buzz a little if you stop the party to spend ten minutes cutting the cake. It's not a massive offence either way, but if you plan to do it a little earlier, you'll catch your guests before they really get into the swing of things.


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