There are a million and one wedding traditions and superstitions you could choose to follow on your wedding day. Most couples will pick and choose which traditions they will include in their wedding day, but one of the most long-held and common ones is that you shouldn't see each other before you're walking down the aisle at the ceremony.

In recent years however, some couples have opted to break that tradition in order to do a 'first look' photo session, and you've probably had people ask if you're going to do the same. What they're really asking is whether or not you'll be taking a few minutes together, and seeing each other before the ceremony. There are a few good reasons to break this particular tradition, so, to do a first look or not to do a first look? That is the question.

Here are three common benefits couples who do a first look say they got out of it!


1. You can experience one of the most romantic moments of your day in private.

The 'big reveal' moment can be one of the most romantic moments of your wedding day, and sometimes couples would rather experience that together, and alone! There'll still be a big reveal for your guests when the bride walks into the ceremony, but you'll have had an intimate moment to experience it together beforehand. Also, many couples say that they enjoyed having a few minutes to themselves right at the start of their wedding. Chances are the one person you want to spend time with on your wedding day is your other half, but once the day gets going, friends, grandparents, and even distant cousins will be pulling you in a million directions. A first look is one of a small number of moments where you can just be together, and it gives you a chance to soak in what you're about to do, without everyone gawking at you while you do!


2. You'll quell any nerves

A lot of couples who do a first look will often say that one or other of them was particularly nervous and they chose a first look as a way to help each other calm down so they could enjoy the ceremony more. Seeing each other beforehand lets you know there's no reason for cold feet, meaning he's not dying inside waiting for her to appear at the end of the aisle, and she can feel relaxed for that walk down the aisle. Even if your nerves have nothing to do with the temperature of your feet, plenty of people experience huge nerves around crowds, or the idea of being the centre of attention, and if so, then this is a great option for you. Worried you'll ugly cry when you first see each other? Not a problem when it's just the pair of you - you've probably seen the ugliest of sad cries so you can handle the happy tears, without a crowd. You're each other's people - it makes sense that you would want to be there for each other before you go do this big, crazy thing!


3. You'll have more time for photos, and you'll look your best

The traditional wedding day order puts your portrait photo session together after the ceremony, which puts you on a clock of sorts. You want to enjoy your cocktail hour with your guests, and you also don't want to leave them standing around waiting for you all day. Plus, rallying the wedding party troops once the party has started can be harder than you think, which can cut into the time you have to get photos of just the two of you. A first look solves that, and then some. You have plenty of time to capture gorgeous photos of just the two of you, and there's an added bonus. You'll be fresh out of the hair and make-up chairs so you'll be as fresh and photo-ready as you're going to be all day. Waiting until after the ceremony means you'll have been hugged and kissed by every person you know before your photos are taken. Plus, since these are the When all's said and done, all you'll have is your photos to look back on, so you may as well make sure you're both looking your very best in them!


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