Unfortunately sometimes it can be unavoidable and you find yourselves having to postpone your wedding. It can be down to illness, rushing into your wedding planning too fast or simply not being ready. There's no shame in having to postpone your wedding if your original date won't work out for whatever reason. We hope you don't need this but here are our top tips for postponing your wedding.


First of all, you and you partner need to decide if your wedding is postponed or cancelled. There is a difference. If you have decided it's postponed then perhaps brainstorm a few possible dates for you to reschedule on. It may give you piece of mind that it's still going ahead, just at a later date. If there's too much going on you can always come back to this later, of course.



Next start researching your vendor contracts. Some vendor contracts do allow for postponements due to severe weather conditions such as storms or floods. Most vendors will also be as understanding as possible if you have to postpone due to illness or bereavement and will try to accommodate you with your new dates. If they cannot accommodate your new date then the vendor contract will dictate what happens next.  The sad reality of it all is that you will more than likely not get your deposits back if you are cancelling the wedding or if you are postponing due to cold feet. Keep this in mind also; the closer you wait until the wedding to tell your vendors the less you'll get back.



Now it's time to inform your guests. It can be easier to start by just telling your close family and bridal party at first. The sooner you tell them the better. They'll be there for support and to lend a helping hand when you need it. Planning a wedding takes a lot of work as does cancelling or postponing.



How you inform your guests of your change of plans depends on how close to the wedding date you are. If you have not sent out any invites or save the dates then word of mouth and a few messages should do the trick. However, if you have already sent these out it may be a bit trickier to notify everyone. Divide and conquer is the best method to avoid some family members showing up to your venue on the original date. Picking up the phone is probably the most likely way to ensure everyone gets the message



Finally, while some people will look for an in depth explanation, you are not required to explain- this is a very personal matter. Sometimes it may be obvious if it is due to an illness or bereavement but if you are pressed for an explanation then something along the lines of 'we've decided not to get married at this time' should do.


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