Plenty of factors are important when choosing a wedding venue. Will it cater for the number of guests you plan on having, is the top one. Does it fit in with the style or theme of the wedding you're planning? Will it fit within your budget? That's before you even get to the nitty gritty factors like your catering plans, accessibility, tables and chairs, and back-up plans in case the weather doesn't cooperate. However, we'd be lying if we didn't say that locations to take gorgeous wedding photos is also on the list. It might not be top of the list, but our more vain side definitely wants to have beautiful photos from the wedding to look back on, and in all the rushing around on the day, often the portraits of the couple before the reception kicks off, are some of the loveliest photos you take away.

With that in mind, we asked the wedding team at our Venue of the Month for April, The Falls Hotel and Spa, to tell us about the top five locations in and around their venue that couples love, that ensure totally stunning wedding photos. Take it away, team!

1. River & Cascades

The River Inagh runs alongside our property offering a unique and striking background for wedding photos. After heavy rain, the cascades look powerful and photographers over the years have gotten some beautiful shots here. During summer, when the river flow isn’t as strong, some daring couples have posed on the river bed with the river flowing past them.

2. Front Garden

Our owners, Dan & Eileen, take special pride in maintaining our grounds themselves. There is colour all year round in our flowerbeds. The slope of the lawn, the flagstone path and the backdrop of the woodlands or river make for fabulous photos.

3. Front Steps

The original part of our hotel dates back to the 1700s, there’s a lot of history here! As a listed building, we take great pride in maintaining it to the highest standard. The wonderful flagstone tiered steps to our front door are a favourite for couples to take their group shots – no one gets left out! It is a very elegant backdrop to have. There have been some wonderful night time shots taken here too – they are very romantically lit at night!

4. McCarthy Suite & Front Entrance Hall

The one thing a bride can’t control for her wedding is the weather! When it’s raining, we have some lovely indoor locations where photos can be taken in comfort and style. Our main entrance hall with its two drawing rooms has been recently restored to its original Georgian splendour. The high ceiling and chandelier makes for a very grand entrance! Couples love the space and the light. The grand staircase shows off a bridal train just perfectly.

5. Honeymoon Suite

The fabulous bridal suite has lovely sash windows and so much space, it is just perfect for more intimate photos of a couple where precious moments between the ceremony and the meal are captured. It has also been used for some fun moments between a bride and her bridesmaids while getting ready for the big day.


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