Pets at weddings is always a good idea. Whether it's a pet you share as a couple or your family pet, there are so many ways to include them. Side note: some of these pictures might make you cry from sheer cuteness. You have been warned.

Getting ready shots

If you can, make sure your furry friend is around for the morning of your wedding. We reckon these pics of previous brides and their pets speak for themselves. Super cute!

Image by Paula O'Hara

Cat by Chang & Song via

Image by Paula O'Hara

In your ceremony

How about turning them into your ring bearer? Or, have them walk down the aisle as part of your bridal party? You can jazz up their lead with some flowers or pop a little flower crown/collar on them.

Ceremony shot by Rouxby

Your wedding portraits

Have your pet take part in your wedding portrait pics just like this lot did. You can rest assured you'll get the most adorable shots.

pets at weddings Pic by The Curries

Image by John Shim

This sweet moment was captured by Rouxby

Image by Paula O'Hara

Things to consider:

  • Does your ceremony/reception venue allow pets?
  • Does your pet mix well in new environments/with bigger groups of people?
  • Realistically, will they want to wear that flower crown you've picked out for them?
  • Are they generally well-behaved?
  • Will there be other animals at your venue that might distract/irritate your pet?
  • Is there someone that can look after them on the day? i.e. bring them to and from venues

Once you're happy enough that they'll be allowed/adapt well, fire ahead. Let's face it, pets at weddings will MAKE your wedding photos.

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