A New Year's Eve wedding can be truly magical – the sparkle, joy, and fun. However, there are both pros and cons to getting hitched this time of year. Things you might not necessarily think of when planning a wedding at any other time of the year. Be wary of the following and you can ring in the new year in style!

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Sequins as far as the eye can see

If there was ever a time to wear a sequin wedding dress, a New Year's Eve wedding is the perfect opportunity! If you feel a full-on glittering gown is too much for you, don your 'maids in sequins. You can even extend the sequin train to table cloths, glittering invitations, and décor. More is more, folks!

Guests will be off work

More than likely your guests will still be off work from the Christmas period, so no one will have to take holiday days for the wedding. It's also a lovely way to finish off the festive period – partying and ringing in the New Year with all your favourite people. Yay!

An awesome anniversary date

One thing's for sure, you'll have a truly memorable anniversary date. It might sound funny now, but as the years go on, you might be more lax about celebrating your anniversary. Whereas if it's a NYE anniversary, you'll always celebrate and you're both likely to always be off work. Hooray!

A guaranteed buzzy atmosphere

Around this time of year, everyone's in a good mood, they're letting their hair down, the Champagne will be flowing, all adding to that party atmosphere. Weddings are always great craic, but around Christmas and NYE, the party vibe is really amped up.


It's more expensive

With Christmas festivities running to well into the new year, this is prime party time. More than likely it'll end up costing you a few extra quid for your venue at this time of year. Other vendors may also increase their prices as they're giving up Christmas time with family or in high demand, so be mindful of this when budgeting for your New Year's Eve wedding.

People could have plans

It's not uncommon for people to make plans in advance for NYE. Make sure to send out your invites well in advance of the Christmas period. You'll need to give your guests plenty of notice to make sure that all your nearest and dearest can make it. Travel can also be tricky at this time of year, so save the dates even earlier might not be a bad shout for out of town guests.

You might lose the wedding feel

Although you've made up your mind and you want that deadly party wedding, a NYE bash might distract from the wedding aspect. You're already sharing your wedding day with a holiday, so be sure to inject plenty of personality into the day. This is a sure-fire way to reaffirm that it is, in fact, YOUR day. Confetti cannons at the ready...

High expectations

Every year, people have this expectation of New Year's Eve and that they have to have THE BEST NIGHT EVER! You might feel like you have to match this and put on the best wedding they've ever been too. No doubt, it will be just that, but be careful not to put too much pressure on yourself. Everyone's going to have a ball regardless!

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