Some mothers of the bride are allll about wedding planning and are happy to be hyper-involved in everything and anything wedding related. Other MOBs much prefer to take a back seat.

No matter which category your mam falls into, there are few mother of the bride tasks she'll likely have to get involved in, if you're lucky enough to have your mam around.


1. Wedding dress shopping

While there's no rule that says your mam has to go wedding dress shopping, if you have the kind of relationship where you'd enjoy shopping together, this is a lovely wedding task to do together. Plus, there's no feedback more honest than your mam's on your clothing choices, right? If your mam isn't living close by, maybe you can email back and forth with dress ideas or schedule a specific trip while you're visiting one another.


2. Help with the guest list

Much like mothers of the groom, the MOB has a specific insight into family politics and dramas so is best places to advise on who has to be invited and who can be left off the guest list. She can also help with gathering family addresses and emails, and possibly even collect RSVPs for you from those family members that simply won't post back your pre-paid card.


3. Provide a second set of eyes

Whether you're looking for someone to validate your decor choices or have a second or third look over a vendor contract, your mam will more than likely be a good go-to for the job.


4. Be your designated on-the-day contact

If you reckon the bridesmaids will be up the walls on the morning of, your mam is a great person to give as your contact to vendors as besides getting her hair and makeup done, she likely won't have too much on her play. She can field questions and show vendors where they're supposed to go - and she can be the designated point of contact between you, and the groom/bride and their parents to keep things running smoothly.




5. Assisting with day-of dressing

While some brides opt to have their bridesmaids dress them, we think it's a super sweet moment and time honoured tradition for the mother of the bride to help her daughter into her outfit. Placing the veil - even if just for a photo, and you later have it secured by your hair stylist - is also such a gorgeous photo to have. If you'd prefer your bridesmaids do it, having your mam ready for the big reveal photo can also make for super sentimental shots.


6. Bringing family traditions or heirlooms to the day

You can't include a family tradition if you don't know about it, so turn to your mam to find out any traditions or customs you should know about, or if there's a special something oldĀ and something borrowed you can take for the day, that many of the women in your family have worn before you.

Image: Jenn Emerling Photography

7. Any traditional Father of the Bride jobs

If your father isn't around to take on traditional duties like walking you down the aisle or making a speech, some people opt to have a brother or uncle take their place. However, there's no reason why your mam can't do those jobs amazingly. Even if your dad is in the picture, we know some brides are now opting to have both parents walk them down the aisle, which we think is a gorgeous idea. And as for speeches - we say, let the best speaker win!

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