If you're planning mismatched bridesmaids dresses for your wedding, be careful it doesn't end up looking like a hot mess. You'll still want your gals to look like they belong together. Opt for similar shades or an overall colour palette. Here are some mistakes brides often make, try to avoid them if you can.

They don't give enough detail

Unless you don't really mind what your 'maids pick, you will need to go into full detail on styles etc. Should they all be a certain length? For example, would you mind if one was a maxi dress and the other a mini? Are you particular on the fabric they choose? Do you mind chiffon or velvet? Or should they be avoided at all costs? These are the things you will need to let your gals know in advance.

They don't specify the overall theme of the wedding

Is your wedding going to be themed? Let your gals in on your Pinterest board and show them the overall vibe of the day. This way they won't show up in a flowy boho dress to your formal black-tie wedding.

They don't send visuals

You surely have some ideas of how you'd like them all to look as a group. Start collecting imagery of examples you've seen online and send them to your bridesmaids. Send them other bridal parties that you liked or some dresses you spotted that you think they'd look good in. Every little helps!

They don't go shopping with their 'maids

If you feel like your gals completely understand the vibe you're looking for, then let them off themselves. However, if you think one or two just don't quite get it, go shopping with them. Don't make them feel like your chaperoning their trip, make it fun. Turn it into a fun day out with lunch and bubbles. You'll not only have a lovely day out, but your mind will be put at ease on the outfit front too.

They vary each dress style too much

One of the biggest mistakes when it comes to mismatched bridesmaids dresses is trying to vary the styles too much. Some brides think they need to make each dress so different when in actual fact, you don't. Don't introduce three types of patterns, colours or fabrics – it will just look messy. Slight differences are more than fine and will tie the group together beautifully.

They forget about florals

Finally, if you feel there isn't much tying your bridal party together, you can rely on flowers. Make sure their bouquets match and are quite neutral so as not to clash with their outfits. This is a sure-fire way to bring them all back together.

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