We know you've had your fill of checklists at this stage, but here's just one more, we promise. There are some last minute wedding details you'll have make sure to confirm with your vendors, before the big day.

Arrival Time/Date/Location

Make sure to get these logistical elements from all vendors before the big day. More than likely they'll provide you with this in advance, but just in case they don't, be sure to ask. You'll need to know what time bits and pieces are arriving so you can properly plan a timeline for the day before and day of.

Day-Of Timeline

Draw up a day-of timeline and distribute it to your bridal party and vendors, so everyone's on the same page. For your bridal party, include a day-of checklist with jobs various people may have to do. And for the vendors, make sure hair and makeup are aware of their time slots, other vendors are aware of where to go/drop things, etc.

Final Head Count

This will only apply to your venue/caterer – they'll need a final guest number a minimum of two weeks out from the wedding. If all of your guests haven't RSVP'd by then, it's time to start hammering those phones. Also, don't forget to include vendor meals in that final number. This includes photographer, videographer, band/musicians, and anyone who's hanging around for the day really.

Length of service

It should say in your contract how long each vendor will be at your wedding for, so scan through and make sure. For example, you'll need to know how long your band will play for and how long your photographers/videographers are going to shoot for. If you know this in advance and would like them to be around for longer, you may be able to add on to your package before the wedding.

Equipment Needed

Confirm with the likes of your band/DJ need any specific equipment like (extension leads or generators) or if they'll be bringing their own. Your venue may be able to help you out if they know well in advance what you'll need or you may have to look into hiring whatever is needed.

Number of Pros

To reiterate, check those contracts, folks. If you think the band you've booked has six members but the package you paid for only includes four, it'll be a let down on the day if you're not aware beforehand. Double check with all vendors what the protocol is if they become ill on the day or cannot attend. Do they have a backup and if so, who is it and are you happy with that plan b?

Pre-Wedding Payments

If at all possible, try to make any payments you can pre-wedding. It will help you out massively and you won't have to stress on the day wondering if so and so got paid. If you do need to pay for something on the day, leave this to your best man/maid of honour. Give them any payment envelopes and let them take care of that.

Point Person

Assign someone who your vendors can ring if they're running late, lost or unsure of where to set up etc. Again, this usually falls in the hands of best man/maid of honour, but you could always ask Mam or Dad, I'm sure they'd be more than happy to help out.

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