Tradition has it that couples head off on their honeymoon straight after their wedding, but there's one big disadvantage to doing just that: you may not be seeing your chosen destination at its very best. For example, if you have a winter wedding planned and are hoping for a honeymoon full of sun, sea and sand, you'll have to go halfway around the world to find it at that time of year, if you plan on leaving in the days after your wedding.

The benefits of heading away on honeymoon straight away are many - whether you want to prolong the excitement and exhilaration of the wedding, take advantage of the bubble of love you'll find yourself in straight after the wedding by spending some well-earned time together, or you just need a lovely break after months and months of wedding planning stress, you won't find it hard to justify heading off a couple of days after your big day.

However, honeymoons are often one of the biggest and longest trips you'll take together, not to mention the fact that the honeymoon bill can add up very quickly - so you may as well do it right, if you aren't put off by the idea of waiting a few months to head away. We've put together a list of the best times to go to many popular honeymoon destinations around the world, to help with your honeymoon planning.

Happy planning!

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Spain: April - July

The Pyrenees: December - March

Portugal: May – August

South of France: May – August

The Alps: December - February

Italy: June - September

Malta: May - August

Finland: May - August

Sweden: May – August

Greece: May – August

Crete: July - October

Iceland: September - November



Brisbane: February – May

Perth: November – February

Melbourne: November – January

Darwin: July – September



Las Vegas: March – May

New Orleans: February – May

Texas: February - April

Florida: November – February

California: September - October

Mexico: December – March

Panama: January – April



Koh: Samui February – April

Phuket: November - February

Bangkok: November - February

Chiang Mai: October - January



Vietnam: February – April

Laos: October -April

Cambodia: October –April

Burma: November – February

Indonesia: May – August

Bali: April - October



China: April - May / September - October



Japan: March - May / September - November



Tunisia: April – June

Morocco: March - June

Kenya: June – September

South Africa: May – August

Morocco: August – November

Egypt: September – January

Mauritius: May – December

The Maldives: May – October



New Delhi: October – January

Mumbai: November – February

Bangalore: September - December



Brazil: June – September

Columbia: December - February

Argentina: December - March

Cuba: December - March



Jamaica: January - March

Antigua: May – August

Barbados: August – November


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