Show your guests some appreciation with these sweet ideas for a wedding favour

When it comes to choosing your wedding favour, we're very much of the idea that they should be as fuss-free as possible. They are just small gestures of appreciation, so spending hundreds of hours hand-making tiny things that guests will likely leave behind is a DIY-Don't for us - unless of course you love it. Some people are totally blissed out while crafting, so wherever you get your stress-relief from wedding planning, have at it!

If it is likely to cause you stress, and cost you a lot of time, you're best off picking up something small as a lovely gesture, and cut the faff. Here are nine ideas for a fun wedding favour that your guests will hopefully pocket and bring home to keep!

As Long As Chew Love Me bubble gum rolls,

Fun transfer tattoos,


Mini gum ball machine,


Icebreaker Fortune Cookies,


Lit matches, Photo


Before & After You Drink Favours,


Mini tissues,


Nutella favours,




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