Don't Even Think About It: 8 Major No-nos For Wedding Guests

Image: Brenda McGuire

1. Don’t stand in the aisle to take photos

These guests are doing it right, standing back to take some snaps, but many a photographer will tell you that some stunning shots have been completely ruined by an overzealous guest, standing in the aisle. Use your head and just get a selfie with the couple later on, when the formal pics are done.


Image: Moat Hill Photography

2. Don’t ask for a plus one if it's not offered

The likelihood is that the couple agonised for hours over their guest list, whittling it down to fit their venue and budget. They may have had to make some hard choices, including inviting single guests to go solo. Don't presume it's no skin off their back to throw another one on the pile and remember, if they give you a plus one, they'll have to do the same for other single guests. Anyway, lots of single people at a wedding means you might meet the man/woman of your dreams if you fly solo.


Image: Love Is A Big Deal

3. Don’t ask when the couple are planning to start a family

No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Just no. Couples getting married, your answer to this should always be: "Right now!" ...followed by and awkward stare that the person asking the question. They'll soon do one.



4. Don’t wear white – sorry, we’re old fashioned like that

Chances are she won't care and most people won't even notice, but best not take that chance. ...Unless you're Beyoncé. If you're Beyoncé, you can do whatever you like.

5. Don’t get engaged or announce your engagement at someone else’s wedding.

You'd think was a given, but IT STILL HAPPENS. The best advice here is to remove your head from your own behind and remember it's not all about you. Harsh? Maybe. True? Oh yes.


Image: Tigs MacCallan

6. Don’t bring your children, unless they’re invited

Say what you like about kids at weddings, but the bottom line is that if the couple wants an adult only celebration, you should either respect their wishes and get a sitter or opt out. Breastfeeding mothers are the obvious exception and are usually catered for, regardless of the set-up.


Image: Quinn Miller Photo + Design

7. Don't let the couple know about any issues

Short of someone dying, the bride and groom should be oblivious to any problems that occur during their wedding. Food's awful? Smile and say it was delicious. Presents gone missing? Today is not the day to break that news! Let them have their day, no matter what's going on beneath the surface.


8. Don't talk about your own wedding constantly

See number 5.


...Them's the rules!

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