Nervous about having your period on your wedding day? You're not the only one

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Around this time every year, brides start asking us how your delay your period for your wedding day. You might have planned every part of your wedding down to the very last detail, but one thing you can't necessarily have planned in advance is when your period is going to fall. Even if you took your time of the month into account when picking your wedding date, a year or two down the line, your monthly cycle may not be quite the same - which is where those nerves often come from.

There are way worse things that can happen than getting your period on your wedding day, but at best, it's inconvenient and can cause some brides super unnecessary stress. After all, you'll likely be wearing white (this one speaks for itself), trying to enjoy yourself (please, no cramps!) and who has time to be worrying where their tampons are on their wedding day? You just want to be in the moment, god dammit!

Dr Doireann O'Leary, medical doctor and health blogger, on her own wedding day

Changing your period date is the obvious answer, but as we're not doctors, we thought we'd ask Dr Doireann O'Leary, medical doctor and health blogger for her expert advice on the best way to go about it, if you want to delay your period.


How can I delay my period before my wedding day?

"If you’re due your period during the week of your wedding, there is a medication called Norethisterone that can be prescribed to delay it. It has to be started three days before the expected first day of your period. It needs to be taken three times daily, and can be taken for up to 14 days. Your period should come within a few days of stopping the medication," says Dr Doireann.

However, she does warn Norethisterone is not suitable for all women, so you'll need to consult with your doctor as to whether it's suitable for you to delay your period. It's a prescription only medication, so a trip to the doctor is on the cards even if you don't have any pre-existing medical conditions.

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Should I try taking the contraceptive pill to delay my period for my wedding?

"If you’re thinking of starting a contraceptive pill in order to have predictability in your cycle, I recommend starting at least six months in advance," says Dr Doireann. "All medicines can have side effects so it’s best that you make sure you’re well established on a medication that suits you long in advance of the big day. Side effects of the pill like breast tenderness usually settle after a few months, but you do need that time to assess whether or not it suits you. There are many different combinations of contraceptive pills available so if one doesn’t suit, it’s possible to switch to another. Switches take time though so don’t leave it to the last minute."


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I don't mind having my period, but I could do without the cramps and PMT on my wedding day. What do I do?

"The best way to tackle pre menstrual symptoms like cramps, low mood and headaches is to be physically active and exercise regularly. Getting regular exercise in the months to year running up to your wedding is an important way to manage wedding-related stress as well as combating PMS. As well as allowing for more predictable periods, the oral contraceptive pill can also help very much with PMS symptoms. Skipping a period by taking Norethisterone won’t necessarily protect against PMS as it’s started three days before your period. Be careful if taking any pain killers that may be unsuitable to take with alcohol. Ask your bridesmaids to keep pads/tampons in their bag so you’re prepared.


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Aggh! I'm so stressed about it, even knowing I can delay my period!

"Don’t worry too much. Periods are normal and natural. Of course it would be nicer not to have your period on your wedding day but it’s not the end of the world if it falls that way. Enjoy your day! Even if you do get your period on your wedding day it won’t hold you back. You’ll be too busy having the best day of your life!


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