Candles are a gorgeous way to decorate your wedding. Candlelight is almost synonymous with romance, for one thing, and the proof is in the photographic pudding for how gorgeous flickering flames translate into a beautiful amber glow in your photos. Decor that doubles are universally flattering light? Sign up up!

A rake of tealights probably won't do the job you want, but not to worry - we've gathered up 15 gorgeous ways to decorate your wedding with candles. IKEA is a great place to start if you're looking at buying a lot of candles on a budget, while stores like Mr Price, Tiger and Dealz often have colourful candle options if you're looking for something a little different.

Now, for ideas on how to use all those candles!

Use simple white candles

Image: Sarah Canning

Don't underestimate the power of simple, white candles. They can add a much needed glow without being show-stoppers in and of themselves. The ideal choice if you'd like to highlight an area but don't want the candles to be the full focus.


Hanging votives with candles

A little trickier to implement, but a gorgeous way to add an installation to a space that you can totally achieve yourself, and on a budget, with a little imagination. Carefully plan and collect your votives - charity shops may be a good option for vintage-style ones - and then it's just a matter of adding some simple tealights to bring the romantic glow.


Fill open spaces with candles

Image: Ulmer Studios

If you've got a big open space, trying to fill it or decorate it in a way that doesn't feel sparse can end up costing a bomb. Carefully displayed pillar candles can cleverly take up space, and you can let the light they create fill the space.


Create a focal point around your seating chart

Trying to make a big fuss of your seating chart can also run up a bill - a lot of the big installations you see on Pinterest can be quite costly. However, you can DIY it another way, with some smartly designed stationery surrounded by candles in gorgeous hurricanes to create an impact without needed four people dedicated to setting it up.


Line the staircase with candles

Image: Damaris Mia

Want to draw attention to a grand staircase or entryway in your venue? A candle-lined staircase can make a huge impact - and it can be a smart choice especially if you're having a winter wedding where darkness sets in early. A set up like this, with added greenery, is so dreamy you'd be tempted to make it your ceremony aisle!


Make it modern

Thinking of candlelight can often lead to imagining warm, romantic scenes that are very girly and ethereal, but a more slick, modern look can also be created depending on how you use your candles. These square hurricanes with their black lines give a much edgier feel than you might first think of when you consider candlelight.


Mix in tapered candles on your tables

Image: Joy Proctor

The perfect tablescape is generally best achieved by using items of different shapes, sizes, and most importantly, heights. However, as gorgeous as your plan might be, your guests won't appreciate it if they can't see each other. These taper candles are the perfect solution, and mixed in with pillar candles you get the differing heights that give your centrepieces depth and make them feel full.


Or go the route of dramatic candelabras

If you would prefer a tablescape that feels less 'bitty', tall candelabras might be the perfect solution to make a statement but keep the decor high enough that people can chat easily. Plus, you get that old world touch, so if you're getting married in an old country estate or grand hotel, they tie in particularly well, rather than competing.


Light the way with lanterns

If you have a lot of kids attending or your venue won't allow open flames on health and safety grounds, lanterns can be the perfect solution. It's just a bonus that they look fab too!


Candles and old wine bottles make a perfect pairing

Whether you're a total DIY bride or you can't draw a straight line, this is one that you can probably manage. Save up old wine bottles and use them as candle holders. Word to the wise though - don't leave melting wax down the sides until the last minute. It takes more time than you'll think, but it's worth it!


Pose amongst the candles

Last but not least, if you've gone to the effort of stocking up on loads of candles, make some time to get a photo taken amongst them! You won't be sorry.


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