Having a pregnant bridesmaid can throw a spanner in the works. It is by no means a bad thing, but you will have to be more mindful of them. Will they want to or be able to perform their bridesmaid duties? Would you end up worrying about them too much? Stop your fretting now, we're here with some top tips on how to deal with a pregnant bridesmaid.

Chat to her

Your pal may feel guilty about the whole thing, which is the last thing you want. Under no circumstances are you to make her feel bad about being pregnant. After all, it's not like she's trying to sabotage your wedding or anything. Let her know how delighted you are for her and give her the option of taking a step back if she wishes.

Be realistic

She may not be able to do the 'heavy lifting' or want to be out on a three-day hen party. You can't expect them to make every bride squad rally or be up all night making décor items, so let her know that whatever she can do is A-OK. Tell her you'd love her to be as involved as she'd like. She may be glad of the odd evening away from home. Just make sure they're not taking on too much work – it'll need to be spread out amongst the other gals too.

Alteration Stations

Then there are the outfit choices. Will you now need to get her bridesmaid dress altered? Or, were you lucky enough to know she was pregnant before buying the dress? Our advice is to let your bridesmaids choose their own dresses. This way your pregnant gal can find something she'll be comfortable in on the day. Or if that's not your style, choose multiway wrap dresses. More than likely, this will suit all your gals.

The day itself

Depending on how pregnant your pal will be on the day, make sure she'll be as comfortable as possible. If she's heavily pregnant, get one of the other bridesmaids to make sure she has a chair for the ceremony. It's also a good idea to consider where you're wedding pics will take place. Will there be lots of walking or is there a way of transporting her to and from? This will alleviate a lot of pressure for her.

She has stepped down

As inconvenient as you may think this is, it's entirely her choice. Yes, you may have to rearrange a few jobs, but she's probably gutted she won't be involved. If she doesn't think she'll be able to fulfill her duties on the day and would rather come as a guest, then so be it. As we said, you're not allowed to be mad at her just because she's pregnant. It's a joyous and happy time for both you getting married and her welcoming a baby.

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