Bridesmaid drama? There are ways to resolve it! You may not set out with the mindset of being a bridezilla, but one thing can lead to another and next of all your screaming at one of your bridesmaids about the difference between peonies and David Austen roses. Girl, chill. Your gals are here to help you but don't mistake them for actual maids. Here are some ways that you may be wrecking their heads...

bridesmaid drama

By talking about your wedding ALL THE TIME

Yes, two hours IS too long to be banging on about the wrong shades of pink in your bouquet. There's a time and a place for wedding planning, and it's not every five minutes you spend with your bridesmaids. Try hanging out with your gal pals without mentioning the 'W' word, you might even enjoy the little planning break.

bridesmaid drama

By picking a dress that you like...

...without asking them first. It's your day, yes, but wouldn't you rather your gals feeling comfortable in what they're wearing too? You're gonna feel a million dollars on the day, so it's only fair they do too. To avoid any bridesmaid drama, come to a mutual decision on what dresses they'll wear, and remember, they don't all have to match (in fact, it's probably best they don't). Choose similar shades and different styles, so it's not a one dress fits all sitch.

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By demanding they pay up

While we're on the topic of dresses, it's not that common in Ireland for the bridesmaids to pay for their own dresses. Unless you're having a million bridesmaids, don't ask them to pay for a dress they'll probably only wear once. If you know your friends are on a beer budget but you have a Champagne taste, foot the bill yourself, or come to an arrangement.

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By expecting an incredible hen party

If you have something specific in mind for your hen party, it's a good idea to give them a few hints on what you'd like, and more importantly, what you would hate. They're not mind-readers, y'know? If the thoughts of traipsing around Temple Bar in flashing L plates and a feather boa makes your skin crawl, subtly let them know that. Once the hinting is done, leave them to plan your party - don't try to micromanage it, you'll only annoy them or make it seem like you don't trust them to plan a kick-ass party.

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By expecting them to be at your beck and call

Repeat after me; they are my friends, not my maids, they are my friends, not my maids. Planning your wedding is stressful and your bridesmaids are there to help, but not to do everything for you. So maybe don't call them at 3am to ask if they prefer blush pink or carnation pink - they won't thank you for it.

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By giving them too much DIY stuff

This is along the same lines as my last point - maybe lay off on the one million jobs for them. Your bridesmaids want to help make your wedding as amazing as possibly but asking them to create 200 paper decorations might be a bit much (they have a life too). Ask them nicely if they can spare an hour or two in the evenings, with the promise of some bubbly.

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By asking too much of them on the day...

...or they'll run a mile! It's a given that they'll have some jobs to do on the day, but be careful not to overload them, or they won't have time to celebrate your day with you. You want them by your side on the day because they mean the world to you and you love them, so let them enjoy the day too.

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