Been there bride: wedding photographer Christina Brosnan tells us what she would do differently

Bridal hindsight really is 20/20!

By Aoife Valentine Secor

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. This time around, our been there bride is Christina Brosnan, wedding photographer extraordinaire. We caught up with her to see what she’d do differently, given the chance.

What I wish I’d known…

“Planning can take on a life of its own and if you’re not careful, it can become very stressful. Focus on what’s really important and don’t get caught up in trying too hard - you’ll only end up worrying about the small things and forget what the day is really about. Details really don’t matter to the overall picture – they’re great for the wedding album, but they’re not worth stressing over.”


The one thing I’d change…

“I’d hire a professional hair and makeup team! Planning from abroad meant I didn’t get time for trials, so I just ended up doing my own. Big mistake - always hire a professional if you want something done right.”


A planning mistake I made…

“Not having all payments sorted out before the day. We didn’t realise the driver of our wedding car needed to be paid cash that day, so we ended up trying to find a cash machine in the middle of our wedding. It’s better to confirm any outstanding payments prior to the day.”


I wish I’d invested more in…

“Being the first of our friends to get married, we hadn’t a clue. Also, living in a new country meant I didn’t have the same support most have when planning. My biggest regret was my dress and, looking back, I wish I had taken the time to understand the real costs of a wedding dress, and budget appropriately for it. I didn’t have the friends or family around me to help choose a dress. I was so confused that I left it too late and had something cheap made. For our 10th anniversary, we decided to throw a big party to celebrate and do the things we didn’t at our wedding, which for me meant getting a fabulous dress!”


The thing that surprised me…

“I was worried that having a small wedding of only 50 guests would make the atmosphere a little subdued but, to our delight, the dance floor was hopping. Intimate weddings can also be just as fun a party!”


My best advice…

“Do what’s right for you. Wedding planning always comes with lots of unwanted opinions and advice, so it’s easy to get overwhelmed or feel obligated. Don’t let your wedding day be filled with regrets, - you’ll only look back and feel disappointed. You should look back with fond memories.”



For more from Christina, check out her website, or catch her on Facebook or Instagram.


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