bridal hindsight past bride advice

Wedding planning is a massive undertaking, and it's often hard to know if you're doing the right thing. Bridal hindsight is a wonderful thing, though, so we asked some been there brides, for their advice, and what they would do differently about their wedding, given the chance.

Here is our insightful roundup of the best real bride do-overs and bridal hindsight featured in Confetti Magazine!


bridal hindsight past bride advice

“I’d spend more time relaxing with guests, and less on formal portraits. I still haven’t put an album together, but I can remember standing having photos taken for a long part of what was such a quick and special day.” - Grace Campbell, Grace & Saviour


“I would have tidied my house! My wedding morning photos are great - really relaxed an informal with me and the girls having a laugh...but my house looks messy! I planned to have the place immaculate, but I ran out of time. I should have got a cleaner in." - Niamh, Dublin


“I would break my wedding shoes in. They were agony! I thought about wearing them around the house a bit so they'd be more wearable by the wedding, but I wanted them look perfect and untouched and thought they might get wrecked if I did. I saw somewhere online (too late) that the best way is to wear them around the house with socks on underneath to soften them without hurting your feet or dirtying them. I wish I'd thought of that!"  - Laura, Cork


bridal hindsight past bride advice

“I wouldn’t worry so much. It seems to be very much an Irish thing that people don’t RSVP to invitations. This was probably the only thing I got stressed about. I really worried that no one would turn up, I even had dreams the week before the wedding of walking into an empty ceremony room! I wish I had trusted that everyone who mattered would be there instead of wasting my time and energy worrying about it.” - Cat Lawlor, The Cake Cuppery


“I would have fired my photographer. I got a bad vibe from him on our second meeting and he wasn’t very nice to be around on the day. At that stage I had paid my deposit, so I just went with it. But I should have listened to my gut, cut my losses and ran." - Marie – Dublin


“I would speak up. I pretty much hated the way my hair turned out, but I didn’t have much time, so I just smiled through gritted teeth and pretended I liked it. It wasn’t awful, just not what I wanted." - Kathleen, Westmeath


bridal hindsight past bride advice

“I probably would have had our ceremony a little earlier. We had a destination wedding so all of our guests were onsite the day of the wedding but it was 5 o’clock before I got to party with them. I had a great time with the girls though during the morning preparations.” - Lindsay Moynagh, House of Hannah


“I would set an honest budget. I didn’t put absolutely everything down on the list. Even things like petrol expenses for big dress shopping trips and the flat shoes I bought for the evening etc. - all those little things add up. As a result, I went miles over budget and that was quite stressful. I was only fooling myself!" - Naomi, Wicklow


“I wouldn’t have a train. I wanted to be an easy-breezy bride, but it was impossible not to get frustrated when people were constantly standing on my dress. I should have gone with a long veil for the service and a non-annoying length dress." - Joanne, Kildare


bridal hindsight past bride advice

“I’s sort out all payments before the day. We didn’t realise the driver of our wedding car needed to be paid cash that day, so we ended up trying to find a cash machine in the middle of our wedding. It’s better to confirm any outstanding payments prior to the day.” - Christina Brosnan, Brosnan Photographic


“I wouldn’t let the stress take over. I can’t honestly say that I enjoyed the weeks before the day because I was so stressed out and nervous. And the wedding morning was one of the most stressful things I’ve ever experienced. If I could go back I’d tell myself none of it mattered and that I would end up having a ball, so just chill out!" – Dee, Louth



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