Best wedding ever, you say? Everyone wants to make their celebration unforgettable - one that their guests will be talking about in years to come. Well, we're here to help with this handy guide to achieving just that!

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Go with the flow

Too much downtime between your ceremony and reception can be a mistake... huge! You may be off getting snapped by your photographer, so it’s easy to forget that your guests will be waiting around. There’s only so much mingling and small talk one can do, so the ideal amount of time is a couple of hours max. How about combining you drinks reception with some form of activity or entertainment. If you’re lucky with the weather, lawn games are always fun – giant Jenga, anyone?

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How far?!

While we’re on the topic of downtime, try to ensure that your ceremony and reception venues aren’t a million miles apart. Your guests won’t thank you if they have to take a three-hour car journey from A to B. Aim for less than an hour commuting time, or, the dream sitch; have them both at the one venue. This will save you (and your guests) the expense of commuting.

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Now it's personal

Instead of just your guest’s name at their place, why not leave a little personalised note with a private joke or how you met, perhaps? This is a super cute way to let your guests know that you appreciate them being there and let’s face it, who doesn’t like to read something nice about themselves?

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Feeding time

A well-fed guest is a happy guest, so be sure there’s enough food to go around. Many of your guests have been up since the crack of dawn getting ready, so stop their tummies rumbling by providing decent sized canapés after the ceremony, and tasty late night snacks when the munchies kick in.

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Have a seat

The seating plan is key in achieving best wedding status. The temptation to put your chatty friend beside that quiet girl from work is an understandable one – you want everyone to have fun, after all. But that chatty friend might have been excited to catch up with your gang and won’t appreciate being made take one for the team. It’s easier said than done, but for the most part, plan the seats with this thought in mind: ‘Where would this person WANT to sit?’ 

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Dance 'til dawn

You can ply your guests with all the Prosecco in the world, but if the tunes are lacking, the dancing will be slacking. To ensure your dance floor is the place to be, find a band or DJ that will cater to everyone's musical tastes, not just your own. A mix of golden oldies and a bit of Bieber thrown in for good measure should do the trick. (Come now, don’t pretend you don’t know all of the words to Sorry.)

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Speech! Speech!

No matter how funny or thoughtful your Best Man or Maid of Honour are, your guests may not appreciate their 40 minute trip down memory lane. A good speech should be funny and show a bit of emotion, but also reasonably short and sweet. Longer than 15 minutes and you’ll notice your guests fidgeting in their seats and eyeing up their escape route to the bar.

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Let me entertain you!

Photo booths are awesome, but almost a given at this stage, so think outside the box and organise a selfie wall for the best wedding, ever! It’s so simple, yet effective and all you’ll need is a fun backdrop and some optional props. You can go full DIY and create your own with garlands and foil curtains, or go all KIMYE and hire your own flower wall – think of the Insta pics!

Entertaining Extras:

  • Prosecc-no! Opt for a 'make your own margarita' bar, in place of bubbly – this will go down a treat!
  • Instead of a guest book, ask guests to take a quick snap with a Polaroid camera and write a note on the bottom of the pic.
  • Turn boring wedding favours into 'Hangover Survival Kits' – your guests will LOVE you for this.
  • Book an ace magician to blow your guests' minds, at your drinks reception.
  • If you’re having a kid-friendly wedding, get a face painter or balloon maker up in there – balloon giraffe, anyone?

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