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Picking a honeymoon destination that matches your desired dates is tricky

best time to go honeymoon mauritius

Depending on whether you want to go on honeymoon immediately after your wedding, or if you're happy to delay it until a later date to suit your dream destination, really can narrow down where you go.

After all, if you're planning a dream trip, you'll want to visit your chosen destination at the best time of year to see it. Landing in paradise while it's monsoon season will certainly put a (literal) dampener on your holiday.

That's why it's important to check out the best time of year to go on honeymoon for your dream holiday spot.

We turned to the honeymoon experts at Hayes and Jarvis to find out when you should book your honeymoon to some of these big honeymoon destinations around the world, and the packages you could book to have you on your way!


Best time of year to go on honeymoon around Africa

best time to go honeymoon africa

South Africa: May – August

A South Africa honeymoon is magical, humbling, awe-inspiring and full of adventure. Whether you like to immerse yourself in city life, connect with nature on safari or learn about the country's history and culture, you can do it all.

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Mauritius: May – December

Wake up in paradise every day on a Mauritius honeymoon. Enjoy 300km of unspoilt coastline, discover tropical fish when you swim, snorkel or scuba dive in the crystal clear waters and explore dense rainforests filled with colourful, majestic wildlife.

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Kenya: June – September

Embrace new cultures and take in the sights and sounds of East Africa across dramatic valleys and idyllic savannahs, while safariing to spot the Big Five.

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Best time of year to go on honeymoon around India

best time to go honeymoon India

India - destination dependent

New Delhi: October – January | Mumbai: November – February | Bangalore: September - December

India has lots to offer and because it's so vast and diverse, there are destinations to suit all types of couples and different times of the year. With an extraordinary amalgamation of cultures, languages and religions, you're in for rich culture, mouth-watering cuisine, serene notes of spirtuality and breathtaking landscapes.

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The Maldives: May – October

Over 1,000 islands dusted in the finest, whitest sand and surrounded by unreal clear, turquoise waters, Maldives beaches alone are reason enough to venture to this Indian Ocean paradise.

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Sri Lanka: May - September

A tear-drop shaped island, Sri Lanka is a land of lush green forests, shimmering temples and golden beaches in the Indian Ocean. Visit hillside tea plantations, explore ancient history, relax on the beach or go in search of wildlife - Sri Lanka has it all.

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Best time of year to go on honeymoon around South America

best time to go honeymoon South America

South America - destination dependent

Brazil: June – September | Columbia: December - February

Argentina: December - March | Cuba: December - March

If you're looking for adventure, you'd be hard pushed to find a better destination than somewhere in South America. From soaring Andean peaks and steamy Amazonian rainforest to Patagonia's icy glaciers and Atacama Deserts arid expanses, natural wonders and astounding landscapes abound.

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Best time of year to go on honeymoon around North America

best time to go honeymoon USA

Las Vegas: March – May | New Orleans: February – May

California: September - October | Mexico: December – March

From sleepy towns to vibrant cities, from desert plains to beautiful mountain ranges, and from white sand beaches to unparallelled theme parks, you won't be short on choice in the USA. Hit up multiple destinations to make the most of your options.

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