Nervous about having an awkward first kiss? We've got tips to help!

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After the ceremony of your dreams, some gorgeous handwritten vows and saying 'I do' in front of all your friends and families, you don't want to go and spoil it all by bashing heads as you try to lock lips in front of everyone. It happens - you might have kissed your partner a million times and not given a second thought to the 'first kiss' as newlyweds, but when your stomach is in knots and you've a crowd watching, it's normal to be nervous!


How to avoid an awkward first kiss at your wedding

Our top tips!

Don't overthink it

Remember, you're kissing someone you've kissed a million times already. Just because you're at the top of the aisle doesn't mean you have to do anything big or over the top, nor does it mean you have to reign it in if you two usually go for passionate James Bond-esque kisses. No matter how you normally kiss, the more you're thinking about how you should do it, the more awkward and unnatural the kiss is going to look.


Remember your photographer needs to get a shot

If you're feeling awkward and maybe even a little embarrassed, a quick peck can feel like the ideal option. However, if you want that gorgeous, romantic shot of the kiss, you're going to need to give your photographer a chance to snap it. That might mean kissing for slightly longer than feels natural.

Don't forget you've got an audience

Having said that, kissing for slightly longer than is natural doesn't mean wear the faces off one another. You've potentially got your family, parents, elderly relatives and nieces and nephews in the audience, so maybe keep it PG. It's your wedding so do what feels comfortable for you, but we're just saying - your grandmother is probably grand without seeing you guys fully make out.


Practice makes perfect

You're likely practicing your first dance, so throw a few practice kisses in there too. Not the worst wedding homework, eh? It'll help you work out any kinks and avoid any awkward fumbles or arm movements when the real thing rolls around.

No surprises

Think a big dip would be a fun way to round out the ceremony? Cool, but don't do it without clearing it with your other half. Totally surprise your guests, but you're asking for an awkward moment if you surprise each other with the kiss. Get on the same page to make the surprise fun for everyone!


Try hugging it out first

Still freaking out about the kiss? Take your focus off it. Aim for a hug first, and a kiss will follow much more naturally. Your regular everyday kisses probably involve an embrace so why not this one?

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