1. Mag About Cake

The Cake: These cakes are a definite break away from the traditional tiered wedding cake, and added something wonderfully different to the reception. Sophie, the bride, is a real foodie and wanted her cake to not only look pretty but also really yummy. She decided upon a trio of cakes with mouth watering flavours:

Raspberry Delight: Classic Vanilla sponge with a delightful mix of raspberries throughout, teamed perfectly with fluffy vanilla buttercream and sharp raspberry coulis!

Chocolate Heaven: Delicious Belgian chocolate sponge paired with heavenly salted caramel buttercream, dark chocolate ganache on top with a sprinkling of hazelnuts!

Luscious Lemon: Tangy lemon sponge with lemon curd, and luscious lemon buttercream topped with candied pieces of lemon and pistachios for crunch!

Using what was in the cake as the decoration is what really made these cakes look so appealing - raspberry coulis swept over the sides, chocolate drips, slices of lemon, crushed nuts. All so different but together they look perfectly perfect!

What have you have been working on lately? I'm currently working on a buttercream wedding cake covered in coconut flakes. The texture looks amazing and when paired with fresh flowers, it's beautiful. I'm always on a mission to get perfectly sharp edges on my sugarpaste cakes, they look so clean and precise especially on tiered cakes.

Trend Predictions: For A/W 2016 I think naked cakes paired with berries or fresh flowers are still very much on trend. It gives such a relaxed look, which I think a lot of couples are going for this year. For the traditional sugarpaste covered cakes, I'm seeing a lot more boho chic brides with floral arrangements in their hair, more rustic style bouquets. I think sugar flowers on cakes are going to follow this trend, softer, looser more wreath like, with lots of greenery and less formal than the tight clusters of sugar roses that we would be used to seeing on cakes.

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Dragon Cake 1 Cake maker: Sarah Cunningham

2. Custom Cakes

The Cake: This wedding cake was the brainchild of a combination of ideas and one where a dragon theme would wind its way through the wedding of a German bride, Marika and an Irish groom, Brian.The dragon theme was a personal touch for this couple who met and got engaged in Wales of which the dragon is the national emblem. Set in the fabulous Cabra Castle, Co. Cavan we knew we had to make it a show stopper as it would be perched up over the room keeping watch on the guests throughout the meal.

We chose a mixture of designs, some old, some new and merged them until we created a cake that brought in the blue swirls that match the invitations with the epic feel of their Game of Thrones maps directing their guests travelling from all over Europe to Cabra Castles door and of course the main attraction, a dragon!

The dragon himself is made entirely of rice krispie treats and was an enjoyable few days work. He was built on a dummy version of the cake and moved over and into position on the day. He was given his wings as he settled into his new surroundings. We stuck to the bridal colours, with an ivory base for the tiers. The dragon was based in ivory and then pearlised with a lustre dust to give him a little extra shine on the day. 

The cake itself was five tiers tall made up of  a mixture of all delicious sponge based fillings (not a chocolate covered biscuit in sight!) - Belgian Chocolate with milk chocolate ganache, zesty lemon with lemon curd buttercream,  spice carrot cake with a cream cheese buttercream and a french vanilla sponge with a tangy strawberry jam and vanilla buttercream.  

What have you been working on lately? We have been playing around lately with some sugar and rock candy as the newest trend of geode cakes are seeing a big surge for 2016/2017 bookings. These are cakes that have a cross section where crystallised rock candy can be seen. Looks to be almost baked right into the tier! Or is it!? 

We have seen a big jump back to the sponge fillings. We have been playing around with different flavours and textures to compliment these, like belgian chocolate sponge with a mint buttercream with chocolate shavings. We've also been mixing the likes of lemon and chocolate and swapping the traditional plain jam and buttercreams to raspberry and coconut to give a traditional french vanilla a little something exciting for the guests! 

Trend Predictions: 2016 seems to have played straight into the predictions of last year seeing naked cakes taken over by the dirty iced cakes where the cake remains non-iced but had the crumb coating of the skimmed buttercream appearance. A/W sees this staying true adding winter berries, christmas flowers and baby's breath to add the rustic glam feel. Gold leaf touched cakes are here in full swing with scattered patterns that add a real classy look to an otherwise plainly iced wedding cake. And the biggest trend ending the year is definitely the drip cakes, any style, colour, toppings, extras can be added and looks set to continue into 2017 adding a great fun element to your big day.

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wedding cake with flowers Cake maker: Brian Roche

3. The Baker Boys

The Cake: I really enjoyed working on this four tier floral themed wedding cake for a lovely couple. The cake itself was a mixture of milk chocolate biscuit cake with maltesers, crunchie bites and marshmallow, white chocolate biscuit included rolos, munchies and maltesers. This was followed by  two tiers of lemon cake filled with layers of lemon curd and lemon swiss meringue buttercream.  The main focus on the cake was the hand crafted sugar flowers matching the bridal bouquet from the three different coloured roses, deep purple lithianthus, gypsophila and some small greery. In addition each tier was finished off with edible lace complementing the bride's dress.

What have you have been working on lately? Floral accents on cakes seem to be my signature especially incorporating the bridal party's flowers and colours to their wedding cake design and as always I'm enthusiastic about learning new skills to expand my knowledge on flower making. I'm always seeking new techniques as they emerge in sugarcraft to incorporate them onto cakes I create.

Trends:  For me at the moment, lace is still very big in wedding cakes, be it piped work, brush embroidery, stencils or edible lace mats being used to give anything from a vintage look to something that's very contemporary, Also the use of layering on cakes is quite popular ,example,  pipe work on silver leaf. Naked wedding cakes with berries and fresh flowers and rustic buttercream styled cake are extremely popular and I think always will be. The use of metallic colours on cakes  is also on the rise.

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