YIKES! The 8 types of wedding guests you're guaranteed to find

Image above: Craig and Eva Sanders Photography

As wedding guests, we've seen it all! We've either had to endure someone's drunk relative, murdering a rendition of a Bryan Adams hit, or had to make small talk with our new 'table mates' - basic wed-iquette, really. So here's a heads up on the types of wedding guests, you'll find at almost every wedding (and possibly want to avoid)...

1. The wannabe photographer

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Despite the fact that you've gone and paid for a professional photographer, you'll still find that one person who's happy snapping away at the vows, candid guest shots, the speeches and the first dance. You can barely see them for the camera phone that's in front of their face - I mean, did they even see your wedding, or was it all through a camera lens? Now, don't get us wrong, by all means, take photos at a wedding, but just don't go overboard with the snaps. Oh, and one more thing, leave the selfie sticks at home - they've had their day!

2. The wedding singer

beyonce singing performance

Let's set one thing straight, this isn't karaoke, this is a wedding reception. You're bound to get someone's friend or relative who's a "deadly singer" and will offer their services, despite you already having a band. Sure, we're all up for having a good time, but let's give the spontaneous concert performances a miss, shall we? Unless Beyoncé turns up at your wedding, in that case, SING IT, BEY!

3. The drunk relative

friends drunk drinking alcohol lisa kudrow

Ah, the drunk relative, every wedding has one and let's be honest, it wouldn't be a wedding without them. There will always be that one person who has helped themselves to one too many glasses of Prosecco and is only one more away from dancing on the table. While it can prove entertaining to watch, just wait until they start telling embarrassing stories about you or even worse, the bride or groom. Eh, TAXI?

4. The one who got married last year...

...and never shuts up about it! We get it, you recently got married and it was the happiest day of your life, but come on, you're at someone else's wedding - step out of the spotlight, please! This person will probably compare everything at your wedding to their own. Nothing from the food to the décor or even the dress is safe, so best to avoid this type of guest, at all cost - this isn't an episode of Four Weddings, lads, so leave the negativity at home!

5. The worst dressed guest

There's always someone who shows up either inappropriately dressed in a mini skirt, or in god forbid, *whispers* white! However, I think we're gone passed the age-old tradition that no one, except the bride, can wear white to a wedding. It's totally OK to incorporate a bit of white into your outfit, just as long as you don't turn up in a floor-length white gown, you should be fine.

6. The nervous best man

The Bachelor Australia nervous thebachelorau richie sweating bullets

You know the one who swears he won't keep us long, and before you know it, you've heard more about the groom, than you bargained for. Wedding speeches can really drag on and especially if someone's nervous or not used to public speaking, it can be a little daunting. Our advice? Keep the talking to a minimum and not only will you be happier, your wedding guests will be too.

7. The one who's really happy for you


Ah, these are our favourite type of wedding guests - they're your number one fans and have been there since the very beginning and couldn't be happier for you! They're most likely one of your bridesmaids or even your childhood bestie, either way, you can bet they have a box of tissues and are bawling at every moment of your day - aww!

8. The chatterbox

khloe kardashian shut up stop talking

Knowing your luck, this person is most likely to be found at your table. They mean well but good lord, if you don't make your excuses quick, you'll be stuck making small talk with them about how "they were blessed with the weather" - argh! Less chattin',  more dancin', we say!

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