Sometimes keeping younger guests occupied at a wedding can be tricky. You want the kids in your life celebrating alongside you but you also don't want to them to be bored. Any one of these ideas will be sure to keep the kids at your shindig happy out until bedtime.


1. Class act

Hiring a performer for a few hours can be a great idea if you plan on having a few kids at your reception. The performance doesn't have to be anything major, it can be anything from face painting to a puppet show or magic act. It'll keep your little guests occupied for a few hours with minimal effort!



2. Game on

If you're planning on an outdoor ceremony or reception you'll have slightly more room to work with. If you have a bit to spare in your budget for children's entertainment then why not rent a bouncy castle for the day? More than likely more than the kids will get use from it and it could make for some very special (maybe laughable) photo opportunities. If you want to keep it low-key then giant outdoor boardgames will work to the same effect!



3. Activity bags

Entertaining the little people at your wedding can be as easy as preparing gift bags for each of them. A surefire way to keep them busy is to include plenty of crayons, stickers, colouring sheets and bubbles. If you're feeling brave- toys that make noise will always be a hit with kids.


4. Treasure hunt

There is nothing better at keeping kids occupied than a treasure hunt. This is easy to prepare beforehand and there are many print off worksheets to be found online if you don't have time to make one yourself. To up the game a level, gift each child a camera and send them on a photo treasure hunt. They'll have a ball and  you'll have cute pictures to look back on afterwards- from their perspective!



5. Movie night

Luckily some hotels have side rooms close by their function rooms which is perfect for setting up a movie room. This will both keep your kids occupied and give them a chilled out space to rest in if they're feeling a bit tired. Include some popcorn and juice for them to enjoy with their movie. Some hotels will also provide a member of staff to help look after the little ones.



6. Petting Zoo

Kids are cute, animals are cute. Bring both to your wedding and keep the children entertained from start to finish with a petting zoo. It doesn't have to be a particularly large one but a few rabbits, lambs or chickens will go a long way. Plus not only kids will love this idea. We know we'd be trying to make a getaway with a bunny or two in our wedding dress.


7. Bingo!

Now, we don't expect you to elect someone to call out numbers for your younger guests. What you can do is make bingo cards of people you know are attending your wedding or activities you have planned- for example- someone from Dublin, a lady in a blue dress, the bride and groom cut the cake. Have the kids play bingo using activities and watch the excitement as their bingo card fills up!




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