If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the thought of jetting off on your honeymoon straight after your wedding, you may need to consider delaying the trip. Your honeymoon should be the trip of your life but newlyweds are breaking the honeymoon rules. Gone are the days where you have to leave in the 48 hours after your wedding, or even worse- the night of your wedding, like in 90’s movies. Gasp. If you’re in two minds as to whether you want to wait then here are six perks to delaying your honeymoon you should consider.

Cash Flow

Sometimes newlyweds forget- you just paid for the most expensive party of your life! It can easily slip your mind that paying for, what you'd hope is the best holiday you'll go on, is an added expense. To give yourself a bit of breathing room, delaying your honeymoon by a few weeks or months will help you stack up some saving money and you'll be able to splash out a little bit more on something special while away.

Double Down

We all know the truth about weddings- planning can be hard at the best of times. Then you're also throwing honeymoon planning into the mix. One of the perks of delaying your trip means that you can focus entirely on the wedding without the additional worry of planning your honeymoon. More 'which flowers?' and less 'which flight?'

Down Time

So you've just married the love of your life and thrown the best party, ever. You're going to be tired after the lead-up, which is totally understandable. Instead of hopping straight on a plane, it would be nice to arrive home and just have some downtime instead. You'd appreciate some alone time to chill out after the wedding and just take a few days to enjoy married life. We're not saying a honeymoon isn't relaxing, but nothing beats a cup of tea and some Netflix together when you're feeling exhausted.

Off Peak

Some people may have their ideal honeymoon destination in mind before even choosing a venue, but what if the dates don't match up? You may want your blissful Caribbean honeymoon straight after your wedding, but what if your wedding is in August- the height of their hurricane season? It makes more sense to delay your honeymoon rather than your wedding, right? Patience is a virtue, as they say. Waiting a few months to have the honeymoon you've always wanted will only make for amazing memories and you'll be happy you delayed the honeymoon to get what you want.


Think of the Kids

When you have children, heading off on honeymoon may not be straightforward. If you'd like to bring them but got married during the school year, it's an idea to wait until summer. If you aren't planning on taking them along but can't find someone to mind them in the days after the wedding, you may also need to wait. Working your honeymoon not only to your schedule but also theirs is essential, even if it means postponing your getaway.

Exciting Times Ahead

The lead up the wedding was a whirlwind of emotions and adrenaline and now you have time to breathe again. You're probably on a high after marrying your other half- which is a wonderful feeling. So, why not prolong that feeling? Coming back to your honeymoon a few months down the line will set your spirits high and you'll be reliving that newlywed feeling all over again. Who doesn't want something to look forward to

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