We all know that Paris and Rome are beautiful, romantic cities and let's be honest, who wouldn't want to spend their first days of married life there? We'll be the first to tell you though, that there are other European cities to take your breath away. We've rounded up six cities you may not have considered for your honeymoon and we think you'll definitely have the passports at the ready after seeing how fab these cities are!

1. Vienna, Austria

Why choose Vienna?

Vienna is a European hub of music, romance and is the ideal getaway for newly weds looking to start their marriage in style. You'll be blown away by how decadent the city is and you won't get enough of the amazing food, wine and entertainment it has to offer.


What is there to do?

PLENTY! Vienna has so much to offer and you'll want to do it all, we're not so sorry to say. Let's say you'd love to head to a ball and waltz the night away to authentic Austrian music? Well, you can. If you and your partner would like to celebrate married life while fine dining in a Ferris Wheel- we're here to tell you that's possible too. Vienna also has over 100 museums to visit, a permanent old-style amusement park (Prater), a palace and botanical gardens. Did we mention you can also cruise the Danube on a sofa boat?




2. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Why choose Dubrovnik?

There are many things that would attract newly weds to Dubrovnik. The city is full of history and culture but also romantic view points and hideaways. Croatia boasts incredible weather, especially in the summer months, and Dubrovnik also has a beach for those of you who can't have a honeymoon without one!


What is there to do?

Well, if strolling around the old town admiring the historical aspects of this gorge city, such as the city walls and Sponza Palace, isn't for you then there are plenty of other activities. Newly weds can see the sights from the city's cable car or hire a boat and enjoy some quality time out on the Adriatic. Any Game of Thrones fans can also be taken on a walking tour to the famous on-screen places. If you're planning a longer stay it's also a great spot to use as your base to do day trips to other European hotspots like Montenegro or Bosnia and Herzegovina.


3. Valletta, Malta

Why choose Valletta?

We bet this is one European city you haven't thought of for your honeymoon. Valletta is the capital city of Malta and is only increasing in popularity every year. We can see why, of course! You'll be amazed by the diversity of the city as well as it's history and vibrancy. Depending on the time of year you travel you could very well find yourself partying amongst locals at the yearly 'festas' or at the very least enjoying the warm weather outdoors admiring the views on countryside walks.

 What can you get up to there?

We'd be lying if we said there wasn't a lot to do around Valletta for newly weds. If you and your partner enjoy the sea then you can try out Malta's scuba diving activities or rent one of the boats that Valletta harbour has to offer. If that's not to your fancy and you like to admire the water from afar then we recommend strolling along the pier, drinking in the atmosphere and sampling the local cuisine. Or to the hills you go and enjoy hiking in the beautiful surrounding areas. To fill up the rest of your time you can visit the many historical sites Valletta has to offer such as the cathedral or Fort St. Elmo.




4. Monaco, Monaco

Why choose Monaco?

This is more of a 'treat yourself' city than the others on our list but is it worth it- yes! We could say Monaco is a top choice for the views alone but there's much more to it than that. Newly weds can enjoy the weather while wining and dining in the nicest of restaurants and bars. The nightlife is famous in Monaco but you can shake off that tired head the following day down at the beach.



What is there to do?

While Monaco is a small country there is enough to keep you newly weds occupied for days. From live jazz on the beach during the day to seeing the twinkling lights of the Monte Carlo casino at night there's plenty of music and entertainment to keep you happy. If you're looking for something a little bit more chilled out then don't miss visiting Grimaldi Palace and the numerous museums dotted around the place.




5. Budapest, Hungary

Why choose Budapest?

This is one European city you've probably considered for a city break at some point but what makes it a good choice for your honeymoon? If luxurious spa treatments, beautiful views and unique dining experiences sound like paradise to you, then start looking into flights to Hungary ASAP.


What to do there

Budapest has a wide variety of activities on offer for newly weds but we think the stand out thing you need to do is Budapest's famous thermal baths. These baths are never empty- even in winter. We'd recommend giving the outdoor Szechenyi baths a visit (make sure to pack your finest togs!) or to truly treat yourselves, book into Gellert for an all-round Spa and bath experience. Budapest also boasts an array of impressive unique dining experiences (including rooftop 'igloos') in which you and your partner can sample local cuisine and wine. We'd also include visiting the cultural cites the city has to offer, including the famous parliament buildings on the Danube riverbanks.




6. Porto, Portugal

Why choose Porto?

Porto has actually been chosen as the best European destination not once but three times in since 2012. If that isn't enough to convince you this is your perfect honeymoon destination then surely the idea of lazy day strolls through the antique streets and sipping on your drinks by the riverside is enough to sway you.



What to do once you get there

Picture this: waking up and treating yourself to breakfast beside the Douro river. Next you head on a beautiful tour of Porto's antique wine cellars before topping off your day at one of Porto's many spas. If it takes your fancy you can also enjoy an evening cruise on the river Douro. Also must-sees are the Crystal Palace Gardens, Dom Luis bridge and Clerigos Tower.




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