Let’s all be honest - planning a wedding is stressful. While it’ll lead up to the best day of your life to date, there’s no denying that it can be a period full of late nights, budgeting and nerves. You may be handling it just fine. Maybe you have spare time to plan or you’re a very relaxed person naturally but what if your other half is not? You’d hate to think they’re stressed to the nines without you realising. Here are five signs that your other half is stressing out and that maybe you both need to take some time to chill.

1. Second guessing

When stress kicks in, it can be difficult not to second guess every decision. If your partner is decisive one minute and questioning the menu the next, it can be down to feeling the pressure. If you find this happening it helps to sleep on a decision if there's any doubt and coming back to it the next day. You'll both have a fresh view on the choice and it will be easier to see why you made the decision in the first place.

2. Procrastinating tasks

You need to finalise the seating plan, the flowers still need to be chosen and there are emails from vendors to reply to. Yet they aren't getting done. When the big jobs are being put on the back burner, that's when the trouble starts. We all know we love to procrastinate when something is a bit stressful but when it comes to a wedding, timing is key. If your partner is reluctant to do these jobs it could be a sign they're stressing out over doing them. When this becomes a regular problem give yourselves a strict deadline. When dates are set in stone, it makes it easier to do the thing. It's all about baby steps.

3. You're fighting regularly

Couples fight, that's totally normal. When your fights are getting more regular it's usually a sign there's some pressure on the relationship. If you find yourselves arguing more than normal it's time to look at how the wedding planning is affecting you both. It should be an enjoyable time and while heated discussions over which cousin to invite may pop up, it shouldn't be constant. If you notice your partner is getting easily frustrated and this leads to an argument it's time to take a step back from the planning and do something more relaxing together.

4. Their everyday life is suffering

They're constantly tired, the household jobs aren't getting done and they're losing sleep. Not good. There's a lot of small ways your partner's everyday life can suffer due to planning stress. If your partner mentioned they've had four coffees before lunch because they didn't sleep well it's a sign that stress is taking its toll. Setting aside two evenings a week should take care of the majority of wedding tasks while leaving another five nights to relax and get some rest.

5. They say it isn't fun anymore

If your partner claims they aren't having fun anymore then it's pretty clear they're stressed about the wedding. Your wedding will be one of the best days of your life so planning it should be just as fun. It's a time that both of you should look back on and remember with happy memories. By dividing up the jobs you'd each enjoy and tackling the rest together, it will be easier to bring back the fun element to planning. When visiting a vendor who doesn't live nearby, why not make a day out of it? Dine out, take some photos and make a good playlist for the car. Sorted.

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