We're predicting some seriously gorgeous 2020 wedding trends. We're not ones for insisting you follow every little trend going – you do you! However, some of the emerging 2020 wedding trends are to die for and extremely adaptable to any kind of wedding. Everything from sustainable weddings to a circular ceremony setup, vellum paper goods, and statement bridal fashion. Watch this space!

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Vellum Paper Goods

Do you want to modernise your wedding stationery? Well, say hello to our current obsession; vellum paper. The frosted paper accents make for more clean, contemporary invites.

Circular Ceremony

The traditional ceremony setup is theatre-style seating, but it's often hard for the people at the back to see anything. We're seeing more Irish couples opt for a circular set up for their ceremony. Not only will it bring everyone closer to you, but it's much easier to see all those smiling faces.

2020 wedding trends Image via Nicolette Moku, nicolettemoku.com

Sustainable Weddings

When you think about it, the majority of weddings create an awful lot of waste. Whether you have décor that just gets binned after – things like banners, plastic confetti or tassel garlands, it's all waste. Have a pal who recently got married? Why not ask if you can borrow some bits from them for your wedding. Try to be a little bit more earth-friendly when it comes to your wedding. Waste not, want not!

Sheer Styling

Looking to show off some skin for your wedding, but don't want to freeze your butt off in the New Year? Opt for some chic, sheer paneling in your wedding day outfit. Everything from gorgeous sheer sleeves to delicate illusion necklines.

2020 wedding trends Image by Claudia Rose Carter, claudiarosecarter.co.uk

Bride Speech

It was once the tradition that only the men would say a few words at wedding receptions – not anymore! We wanna hear more from the ladies, this year! Make sure your speech line-up includes a couple of ladies, and yourself (if that's your bag), or why not ask a woman to MC proceedings?

Statement Shoes

We think brides will veer away from the classic white or silver wedding shoes and opt for more fun and colourful varieties. Plus, you'll definitely want to wear them again and again. Totes sustainable!

2020 wedding trends Image via Sugar and Sparrow, sugarandsparrow.com

Artistic Cakes

Meticulously hand-painted wedding cakes are evolving this year with couples opting for textured, spatula painted cakes for 2020. We love this trend as it's a sure-fire way to inject some personality into your day. Who says you have to have a 'traditional' looking cake anyway?! Not us!

Simplified Menu

Gone are the days of the long-drawn-out seven or eight-course wedding meal. Whatever you do, try not to overthink your dinner options. Multiple courses don't just cost more, they slow down the pace of the day too. Honestly, who has the time? All people want is to be fed, watered and to have a ball. Simplify your menu and make more time for dancin'!

2020 wedding trends Image by Into the Light, macias-lordan.com

OTT Headpieces

Another big addition to 2020 wedding trends is the statement headpiece. Time to think outside the box when it comes to your wedding headgear. We're talking otherworldly starry crowns from Crown & Glory and these cool, paper origami headpieces from Davina Lynch. Love!

Epic Veils

Are basic veils' days numbered? We're seeing lots of more interesting options like vibrant colours, polka dots, interesting appliqué, gilded touches, and embellishments. While we still love the classic lace-trimmed veil, why not opt for something that shows off your personality?

2020 wedding trends Veil from Crown and Glory

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