We love the trend for more and more pets being included in weddings - you wouldn't leave your human children out of your wedding, so if you want to include your fur babies, we're all for it.

Including pets at weddings does come with a few short caveats though - before you take on board any of the ideas we have to include your furry friends, think about whether your pet's personality syncs up with your wedding day, and also if your venue allows pets on the premises.

It might be super cute to dress your dog up for your wedding day, but if they're going to hate every second of it, or they're likely to be very anxious around a large crowd if you try to bring them down the aisle, maybe ask the question of whether it's the right idea.

However, don't fret if you decide that having your pet in your wedding may not work - there are plenty of ways to have them there in spirit as well, so they won't be forgotten.

We've come up with 13 lovely ways to include your pet in your wedding - read on below!

1. Walk down the aisle together

Image: Siobhan and Brian's wedding shot by Berit Atlis

If you've got a fur baby that's willing to stick close as you walk down the aisle, how lovely is the idea of them walking you down the aisle so your little family are all together at the top? Super lovely, that's how.


2. Get them their own wedding outfit

If your pet isn't against getting dressed up, there is nothing cuter than a festively dressed pet at a wedding. A dapper doggo never looks out of place, does he?


3. Put a bow-tie on for a quick pic

Image: Jen and Steven's wedding shot by Claire Brown

If your pet hates when you come at them with Christmas jumpers every year, a safe option is a small bow-tie around their collar - comfortable for those pets who prefer their own fur, but still adding a sense of formality for the pictures!


4. Bring your pets to the getting ready suite

If big crowds are a problem for your pet, having them be around for the getting ready period, and for the pics during that time, can give your morning pics the cutest upgrade. Plus, a quick cuddle might help calm any nerves!


5. Wedding cats are a thing!

Image: Into the Light

Most pets at weddings are dogs - which makes sense as they're typically the most social and friendly pets, but that doesn't mean wedding cats are off limits. You likely won't get them to pose for you, but they can still be part of some sweet pics.

6. Wear 'em on your heart

If your pet can't be there on the day, including them in the wedding attire can be a fun way to ensure they're not forgotten. Perhaps order cufflinks or a pocket square in their likeness - and remind your photographer to snap a pic of it!


7. Give 'em a greenery wreath

Image: Grace and Luke's wedding shot by Peter Carvill

Planning very greenery-led wedding decor? Have your pet match in with their very own greenery wreath or collar.


8. Add an illustration to your stationery

Commission an illustration of your fur baby to feature on your wedding save the date. If you love it enough, it could even become a motif that runs through all your wedding stationery!

9. Go for the unexpected

Image: Meg and Patch's wedding shot by Claire Brown

This wedding had an alpaca! An alpaca, lads! Some venues have them living on site and we totally recommend nabbing a few snaps by their side.


10. Include them in your wedding portraits

Image: Jenn Emerling

If your pet can stay on site but wouldn't fair well or behave around a large crowd, when you head off for your wedding portrait session, it's the perfect time to bring your pet in when it's just the two of you. Plus after not seeing you for a few hours or possibly overnight, they'll likely be super excited to celebrate with you!


11. DIY pet details

Perhaps you can bring your pet in through your wedding favours? At one wedding we saw, the couple were mad about their horse but obviously couldn't bring it along on the day. Instead, they gifted every guest a DIY horse shoe as a favour - an international symbol for good luck!


12. Have pet-inspired photobooth props

How cool is this idea? Whether you included your pet in the day's festivities or not, they'll likely have gone home for the evening reception. This is a super fun idea to keep them with you all night!

13. Consider giving back

This is a particularly perfect idea if your pet was rescued or adopted from a shelter or animal charity - consider offering a donation to Dogs Aid, or the shelter you rescued from (or whatever is applicable) instead of a physical favour, for each of your guests.