In the final days leading up to your wedding, you more than likely have a very long list of things to do. While that's normal, have you thought about the things to avoid in the week before your wedding? We've compiled a list of 11 'please-don't-do-it' things you should steer clear of.


1. Cutting your hair

You'll probably want to have your hair in good shape for your wedding but now is not the time to drastically change your hairstyle. Stick to a familiar hairdresser who you trust and avoid getting a cut that is anything more than a trim. If you're planning a destination wedding plan ahead and book in with your usual hairdresser before you leave the country.


2. Get your beauty sleep

Missing out on sleep is never a good idea let alone when you're planning last minute details for your wedding. Losing out on those valued hours of sleep will only add to any stress you have and nobody wants to a bride with bags under her eyes. (This also means staying away from crazy amounts of caffeine!).


3. Stay away from new fitness routines

Similarly to the crash dieting, you may feel the need to push it harder than normal while exercising. This can only end in disaster if you push yourself too far and could possibly result in injury. Exercising will help with stress relief and feeling great on your wedding day but just be safe when working out.


4. Avoid changing your makeup or skincare regime

Sticking to what you know best will only benefit you when it comes to your skincare. While it's nice to change up your makeup or skincare routine, the week before your wedding is not the right time. There is plenty of time to do this in the months before not the days before. Similarly it's a smart choice to avoid getting any chemical peels or microdermabrasion done in the days coming up to your ceremony.


5. Don't wait to break in your shoes

This is something we often forget...and then end up in agony after an hour or two in our carefully chosen shoes. The night before your wedding is not the time to break in your heels though. Be sure to do this a few weeks before to give your feet a chance at dancing all night.

6. Don't skip meals

You may start panicking about fitting into your dress but you have to remember skipping meals will only leave you feeling weak and tired. The alterations are done and you will look amazing no matter what. Eat healthy and regularly rather than crash dieting. You'll be doing yourself a favour.


7. Don't be afraid to ask for help

Many couples are opting for DIY ceremonies. It's add a gorgeous personal touch to any ceremony but how many of those couple were hot glue gunning the night before their wedding? If you've chosen to do things yourself, make sure you've time to do it. Get as many DIY projects as possible out of the way before the week of your wedding otherwise you'll find you have no time to spend with family and your partner.


8. Avoid leaving everything to the last minute

This goes without saying but the not-so-secret secret of having a stress free wedding day is to not leave everything to the last minute. The week before your wedding should be for fine tuning details, not starting new projects or doing things on your checklist that should have been done three months ago.


9. Avoid alcohol

When we say avoid alcohol we mean bingeing. If friends or family have planned some drinks in the lead up then of course, enjoy them. Be careful not do overdo it though.


10. Don't bottle up your stress

If you're feeing overwhelmed with the planning aspect then whatever you do, don't bottle it all up. Your friends or family will understand that planning a wedding can be stressful and they'll be more than happy to pop on the kettle and lend an ear.


11. Make time for your partner

If you have the week of your wedding booked off then make sure you spend some quality time with your partner. Plan some fun dates or activities because when both of you are running around like mad things it's easy to forget to make time for each other.


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